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The 53-year-old Mavis Wanczyk is richer than many celebrities

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On Thursday afternoon, MavisWanczyk won the Powerball jackpot of the Massachusetts State Lottery of worth $758.7 million. The mother of two children is now wealthier than many celebrities in the world. After winning such great amount, she has to pay taxes to the government of the State. According to lottery officials, she will take $443 million to her home.

This lottery makes her the richest lady in the world as she has a net worth of $443 million before tax. She leaves Beyonce behind who has a net worth of $175 million. Beyonce has created her own successful brand since 2007. She is also, the empire of Kim Kardashian but still, the star Kardashian has a net worth of only $175 million, much lesser than Mavis.

The elite stars of the world such as Beyonce, Jennifer, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Lawrence, Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift have less money than Mavis Wanczyk. The former hospital worker  also beating Kanye, the husband of Kim. He has a net worth of $145 million.

Jennifer Lawrence has a net worth of $110 million, but still doesn’t beat Mavis. The 53-year-old is Oscar royalty and beating many celebrities of the industry. She is leading the actress of Hunger Games, Jennifer Aniston, who has the total worth of $150 million.

The Massachusetts mother is also richer than the pop prince, Taylor Swift who comes in with a worth of $280 million. Taylor has received many awards like ten Grammy Awards, 21 Billboard Music Awards, 11 Country Music Association Awards and 19 American Music awards but still unable to beat her.


The most prosperous actress of our time, Mavis is going ahead by leaving Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Bon Jovi and Johnny Depp behind. The actress of Southbridge bought a ticket  lottery and this all happened on Thursday. She picked the Powerball number 4 and all the digits of ticket matched as 6, 7, 16, 23 and 26.

She said: ‘The digit 4 is my lucky number that is why I picked number 4 in the Powerball Games. This digit never disappointed me when I and my mother, stepfather, and another friend play Keno on every weekend. This is the reason of choosing number 4 which fulfills my pipe dream.’

Her mother, Marsha Costa, and two sisters joined her in an interview in which she said: ‘I always want to get retirement from work in my early age. My dream comes true by this lottery so now I’ll never get back to work.’

Jared and Ivanka Trump are also not as wealthier as the lotto star of Massachusetts. They have the net worth of $300 million. Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio are also lagging behind her a  net worth of $200 million and $245 million respectively.

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