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Matthew Morrison and Renee Puente shared a photo of their son Revel James Makai

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The couple Mathew Morrison and Renee Puente shared a snap of their son Revel, James Makai on social media. They welcomed their first son in October after three years of their relationship. Mathew Morrison and his life line Renee Puente shared a lovely picture of their two month old son.

On Tuesday, they got married and shared a pic of their new born baby. In the pic, the cute baby wore a flower necklace, his father is an actor of The Glee. His wife Renee shared a Beautiful snap of her small family.

They couple shared a snap on the big day of their marriage on Tuesday. Their only son Revel, James Makai of two months was attending his parent’s weeding by wearing a garland just like his mother Renee Puente. The both wore beautiful accessories in the snap with their son.

The picture was captioned on the little kid’s Instagram page as , I don’t know the reason of their laugh while I was looking so sweet in the snap. He shared another snap of the couple with a gossip girl star Chase Crawford, one picture along with Blood and Oil actress Rebecca Rittenhouse. Later he captioned the picture thanks for loving me.

In October the couple share a black and white snap of their son Revel, James Makai and announced the birthday of their only son. His father Mathew shared a snap of Revel, James Makai with his fist-clasped hand and added a caption ‘ For my newborn baby’. Always trust us for your support and guidance. We love you so much my dear, Tony’s nominated actor closed it with a captioned “ The war has begun”.

Matthew Morrison

Renee and her love Mathew married in 2014 and uploaded a picture of her small family, including her first child and husband. She added a photo of bouncing Revel, James Makai in her husband’s arms.

Revel, James Makai’s mother shared her feelings on Instagram such as, my peace on earth, my world to hold you in my hands, to give you a new life, to comfort you my son, to feed you from my body whom the Load has chosen as your mother. Further, she says, I love you so much my son, I promise that I will live with you unconditionally..

When I see you, you are totally like your father my little angel. She wrote lovingly, I felt peace when you were inside me, I cried with joy when I saw you in this world and your face is wonderful my little baby.

The splendid actress closed the captain as my sweet son, I have a bundle of memories related to you in my heart. Then she ended as ladies and gentlemen here is my little angel Revel James Makai Morrison. Taking their son in the hands they shared a family snap in 2014. They married in 2014 when their son was two months old and he attended his parent’s weeding.

Matthew Morrison

Matthew Morrison

Matthew Morrison

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