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Married Shawna Craig straddling with David Mclntosh

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Shawna Craig is married to Lorenzo Lamas but enjoying with David Mclntosh by straddling. She is a star of the famous club Second Wives, she shares her snaps of hard work out regularly on social media. But Shawna Craig’s last session on Thursday was not pictured perfectly. The star was enjoying themself with British celebrity David Mclntosh. They were taking exercise at the famous Venice Beach in California. She was in an odd position with David Mclntosh on the beach.

The actor Lorenzo Lamas married Shawna Craig and she is his fifth wife. Although he is double in age as her. She has two step-children, including only daughter Shayne Lamas and son Lyon. On Thursday in Venice, she was working out with the British reality star David Mclntosh, she was straddling him. Shawna is a Second Wives Club star and does a hard workout regularly, she is well known on social media for her hard exercise. However, she has a strong muscular body.

In a photo, she was clinging to David, when he was performing a set of pull-ups. She was wearing shorts including cropped top and grey underwear. Her improper workout was grabbing attention toward her washboard abs, toned legs, and derriere.

She was supporting David Mclntosh during his training session by clinging to him by straddling him while he was performing pull-ups. Shawna was in a short dress when enjoying her training with the famous British personality. During her workout, she was pulling ups and jumping over the poles, she was barefooted walking on the sand on the beach.

David also showed his full-toned body physique with her during a workout. Her toned body grabbed the attention of the viewers towards her hip. In a snap, she was pulling ups on her own and David was looking at her by standing aside.

Married Shawna

Kelly Brook’s ex-boyfriend David Mclntosh showed his body on a show printed with tattoos on his chest and biceps. He was in long shorts and also wearing sneakers. David was standing ahead of Shawna wearing a black sun safety cap. They were jumping together on poles and stairs during exercise. There was a water bottle in his hand while standing near the stairs along Shawna Craig. She was very close to the British personality David Mclntosh during a workout.

It seemed she was taking him in her arms. At one point during a workout in sun, they were taking shower together and Shawna rubbed her hand on his back while taking shower together. It was looking as if Shawna washing his back by creeping her hand on his back and in return, David was sprinkling water near her breasts.

The pair was feeling cool by taking shower together to wash their sweat. Shawna is the fifth wife of the star and the nominee for the Golden Globe. Lamas’ daughter and winter of season 12 Bachelor Shayne, her husband Nik Richie had faced abortion before
Lyon’s birth.

Shawna Craig said after the arrival of Closer that, I’m very blessing to be able to help them in their tough time in 2016. Lyon’s presence made us complete. We all are enjoying his company and it’s good to see what he is doing.

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