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The young son of Mariah Carey bought a dong online through Amazon shopping market.

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As we all know it’s a time of shopping online. Everything is available on Amazon for shopping and buying. Life has changed for the last few years. The demand for things is covered by online availability.


Then Moroccan thought to buy something from Amazon. He ordered a dog online. The price was $5000. The young son of Carey bought a dog through online shopping. In fact, he ordered a dog just for a fun though online shopping. He is just seven years old. His mother revealed that her son is crazy in spending money. Nick Cannon is the father of Moroccan.
Son Moroccan bought a dog of $5000 by Amazon.


Mariah Carey


Mariah has close eyes on her children. She said my son is very brilliant. He knows everything and is curious about everything. Sometimes he wants to do odd things that really surprise us. As he was with his father Nick Cannon he ordered a dog. Moroccan has ordered many things online.

I must control him by my eye pad. He is going away from my approach. His father called him last night and he was standing as his dog was ready. Mariah told to her friend kimmel. Cannon canceled the order of the dog.


Mariah Carey


While talking about his son, she said we have everything in our home, including dogs, fishing and all other pet animals. Although we have everything thing in our home, but our son wants more new things to see and rarely.

In March, there was a celebration of Kids Choice Award of Nickelodeon. Mariah and his ex-husband Nick Cannon were walking together on the red carpet. They were walking together as a family. Although they have separated.


Mariah Carey


Pop Diva showed an amazing eye-catching display in a skin tight black dress. While she walked towards the stage in Jimmy Kimmel Live. The 48 years old, Mariah was looking sexy in her short black dress  cut sleeves and her cleavage was looking clear.
She was wearing modern sunglasses. There was a black toe heel in her feet. The double diamond necklace hanging around her beautiful neck. Her hair was like classical Mariah. She chose to straighten her dyed long blonde.

During an interview on American Idol she talked about her past time. She said I remember those days when I was a judge. It’s has been  an amazing time of my life. Mariah mentioned her time as a historical era of her life. I wanted to remember that time and positive vibes. There were  great moments of getting fantastic memes.


Mariah Carey


Kimmel inquired her that she had asked her friend and former companion Lionel Richie to
singing the ABC reboot. On special night of Wednesday, Mariah winds up the dating with beau Bryan Tanaka. Did you ask him not to do the American I do, although he was thinking either he do or do not.

She replied the audience smilingly if I do not do it, I should do it. In a moment, she came to the point and said, just wait “ Can I explain it in my way”?. In fact I often hindered in my own promotion.

My thoughts were not against the Lionel. I didn’t say that Lionel was not a good judge. You are thinking opposite to me. In fact, I’m saying everything about me. Like others, I don’t have the world’s best experience. There was some conflict between Mariah and co-judge Nicki Minaj.




This was during the 12th season of America Idol. When they both were judged. It was still on Fox. At the Colosseum of Caesars Palace, Mariah is headlining all the new residencies, The Butterfly Returns starting on 5 July and other dates are 7,8,10,14,15 July and 31 August plus 1,2,5,9 and 10 September. The show will totally different because it has international voices and many catalogs of music.

The New Residency that was started in July 2015 had earned much in box office for two years. The most selling woman is Mariah of all times. There are 200 million records has been sold.

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