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Main ISIS leader Bilal ul Sudani gets killed in Somalia

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News claims that the ISIS leader Bilal ul Sudaniwas killed the US military troops in the Somalia. Officials also  claims that the final approval gave by President Joe Biden. He was well aware of the operations and operations that were going to kill ISIS leader Bilal al-Sudani, who wanted in the U.S. List.  President Joe Biden called for final approval of the mission.  He said yes to the mission and Bilal al-Sadani takedown by us troops. He was all aware of the actions and the operation which was going to take down the ISIS leader Bilal Al Sudani, who wanted on  America’s list. President Joe Biden called for the final approval of the mission. He said yes to the mission and  Bilal alSudani was taken down by the US military troops.

Somalis, however, rejoiced at the killing of ISI leader Bilal al-Sudani in Somalia, who was in charge of ISIS-held operations in Somalia and posed a major threat to the United States and the local people.They were very happy and they were showing gratitude they were thanking the God for this  incident. Main ISIS leader Bilal ul Sudani gets killed in Somalia

ISIS leader Bilal ul Sudani
murder news about ISIS leader Bilal ul Sudani
  • What is ISIS?

ISIS stands for this Islamic State of Iraq and the Islamic State of Syria. It was a terror organization which founded in the 1999 and it  headed several leaders and now  Bilal al Sudani controlling it who,also taking charge of the ISIS. This is a military organization, the terror organization, which works in Iraq and the Syria and the other Muslim Arab African countries such as Somalia and the Egypt and the other countries. It is a threat to the people living where it operates against the US and the Western people. It urges the Muslims to fight against them. They killed the ordinary Muslims and kill them on the name of jihad. The US, which is also known as mighty US. And they have proved the proverb might is right, they have killed down the ISIS leader Bilal  al Sudani.

  • Who was Bilal al Sudani?

Bilal Al SudaniVara businessman who took charge of the ISIS and began working for it. The so-called welfare organization of the Muslims in these Arab African states.  He was in the most wanted list of the America. He was wanted for many charges such as killing, harassment, capturing, detaining. US troops were keen to arrest or kill him, and now operation was established to kill him in Somalia.

Analysts say the fact that US troops were sent on under orders of President Joe Biden to kill or capture Bilal Al Sudani, rather than using a less risky drone strike, indicates his significance. Details about the nature of the operation have not been released. However, the soldiers were drafted in via helicopter, according to the New York Times with Sudani killed after a gunfight broke out.

The operation comes after President Biden redeployed hundreds of US troops to the country after his predecessor, Donald Trump, pulled them out. However, those forces are reportedly only there to train Somali soldiers, rather than conduct operations. In recent years, the Islamic State group has reportedly expanded its activities in several African countries, including Mozambique and the Democratic Republic of Congo. However, Islamic State is a relatively small group in Somalia, with the al-Qaeda linked group al-Shabab far more prominent – it controls many southern areas.

It said, that it will take months to plan the operation that is targeting the Sudanese.

  • Somalia’s Reaction

Somalia has welcomed the killing of Sudani, according to the Voice of America news site. “It’s a very positive and welcoming,” said Somali government security adviser Hussein Sheikh Ali. He stressed that Islamic State was not as big a threat as al-Shabab in Somalia, but that Sudani was “dangerous”. “The message is that the leaders of all terrorist groups in Somalia are not safe,” he added. IS Somalia is one of the group’s smaller branches – claiming 32 attacks in 2022, mostly in the capital of Mogadishu.

A U.N. report last year estimated the number of Islamic State fighters in Somalia to be between 200 and 280 and the country is using as a key base to finance ISLAMIC STATE activities in Iraq and Syria.This has not been independently verified by authorities. Just last week, ISLAMIC STATE published a rare propaganda video from its Somalia branch, showing war footage of clashes with Somali forces in a mountainous area in the northeastern Bari region. The raid comes less than a week after the US said a drone strike had killed 30 al-Shabab militants.In recent months, pro-government forces in Somalia have been making progress against al-Shabab.

  • Expected Reaction

Main ISIS leader Bilal ul Sudani gets killed in Somalia. Since IsIs’s main leader died at the hands of American soldiers. The terrorist group will look to target the officials of the US. Including the President, Joe Biden. They will try their best to get the revenge of their leader. So the security of the officials of the US is at risk.

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