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A New Zealand Hunter Lucy rose Jaine received death threats

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Lucy Jaine, a hunter from New Zealand has received death threats over pictures of dead animals. New Zealand’s glamorous hunter Lucy Jaine shared her pictures with dead animals on her Instagram accounts.

She has received disgusting death threats over such pictures. The hunter is the mother of three children living in New Zealand. She hunts animals to get food for herself and her children. Although she is bringing up three children. Jaine continued to hunt even in pregnancy to get healthy meat.

Sharn, who is the partner of Lucy Jaine was also a hunter. The couples hunt eight times a month with their children. Kelsey Wilkie from Daily Mail Australia published it on November 22, 2019.

A mother of three children has faced disgusting death threats for posting her picture with dead animals. Her hunting met her with her life partner. Lucy Jaine is living in Wanaka, New Zealand. She met with a person whose name was Sharn Stewart during hunting. In no time she fell in love with him. The hunter mostly wore a short dress, she shared her picture when she killed an animal covered with blood on Instagram.

Animal lovers threatened her after sharing her pictures with dead animals on Instagram. They badly threatened to kill her as she killed animals. Jaine continued her hobby even after nine months of her pregnancy to provide fresh organic meat to her family.

The hunter revealed, that people send me disgusting death threats over hunting animals, but I do not care about their threats. I can’t stay away from hunting animals because it is a way to bring up my family and also my hobby. Her Instagram is full of evil comments to kill her, but she didn’t take it to heart.

 Lucy rose Jaine

A person wrote a comment over her post on Instagram, what a disgusting life you are living by killing poor animals. It’s not proud to kill such poor animals just for fun and feed, he wrote. Another one wrote you do not have a heart, it is not a way of smiling by killing animals, what will you feel, when someone will kill your dogs. You will go to hell and receive your sentence, he wrote.

But she wrote back to answer him, the meat is more delicious than in a supermarket. Lucy Jaine told to 1News, I’m not in developing farms and factories, hunting is also better for the environment and animals. Further, she added that people go buy meat from the supermarket which is not suitable for me.

Although they eat packed meat but don’t have any issues, indeed the meat comes from killing animals. It’s better to get meat by killing animals yourself. I am against the packed food which is not suitable for health. You must go to get fresh meat by hunting.

Lucy Jaine hunts with her partner and children, including Indie 7, Kahu 4, and Daisy. Daisy is five months old. She hunts five times with her family in a month. She says my children love adventure and they enjoy hunting with me. I have been hunting for nine months of my pregnancy. We mostly kill wild pigs, goats, rabbits, and deer to fulfill our food requirements. Hunting is my profession and I save $300NZD each month.

We chop the meat well and store it in our freezer for future use. My children like an adventure by living in the wilderness and enjoy hunting, we can’t stop them.

 Lucy rose Jaine

 Lucy rose Jaine

 Lucy rose Jaine

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