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Drew is an energetic young actor who moved to Los Angeles, California with his family in the fall of 2003

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Lucy Hale posted a touching tribute to her friend Drew Osborne. She posts her photos on her social media pages while she was walking with her dog. On Tuesday Lucy decided to take a walk with her white dog in Los Angeles. She revealed, that she named her dog Elvis.

In the picture, the followers can see Lucy wearing a dark blue puffer jacket over a white top along with green leggings while she was taking a stroll with her cute white dog Elvis. She had covered her face with a face mask which was making attractive her personality. She said these days when the epidemic of Covid-19 is spreading all around. In a white top long the 31-year-old actress looking so gorgeous.

Lucy completed her outfit with light purple trainers when she was walking with her dog. Sidewalk strolls: Lucy Hale took a walk with her dog Tuesday in Los Angeles before posting a touching tribute to her late friend Drew Osborne on social media When Lucy was walking, she carried a cup of coffee at one point. She posted a picture on her Instagram page where she was looking to stroll with a female companion. Drew was habitual of drugs. Lucy shares she wants to pay tribute to Drew died Monday in Los Angeles. . He was a handsome guy 29 years old, Lucy shared.

Lucy Hale carried a cup of coffee at one point while strolling with a female companion. Lucy posted a selfie on her page. When she posted the selfie she was smiling. She was smiling with an expression smiling. She shared a black and white selfie of Drew smiling and wrote in the caption, ‘I will always remember you like this, Drew. ‘

According to the source 31-year-old actress who was an addict to drugs pays tribute to Drew on her Instagram page. He was dying at his Los Angeles home on Monday at the age of 29 after struggling with addiction. It was a very tough time.

Lucy shared her comments on a page where she said, the day after Monday we received very sad news about Drew. She told me we lost an undeniably special soul. Lucy said Drew and I remained friends since our childhood. He was my best friend forever.

We grew up together. She said it is very hard for me to remember the funniest and silliest memories. I have spent a lot of time with Drew I will always remember it. Lucy also mentioned a memory of a trip with Drew she wrote Once, I have planned a trip with Drew and her best friend Annie Leonard we altogether do a lot of adventures. This was filled with crying and laughter.

Lucy Hale

When I thought about his habits I remember he was so funny and so smart in her childhood. He was the owner of a sensitive heart. Cute dog: Lucy took out and about her beloved dog Elvis in Los Angeles. There’s a lot you didn’t get to see and do in this life, but I hope you know you will live through us. I will miss you forever and I will see you sweet on the other side,’ Lucy concluded, asking for her family and Annie.

Annie was known as an actor and had got several acting credits with small parts On TV shows. She also seems to pay tribute to Drew. She wrote that Drew became part of her family and was a regular family gathering. Drew had become a part of Annie’s family and was a regular family gathering, she wrote. She wrote,

Annie told in the last few years he starts drinking and with time he was overwhelmed by his addiction. She revealed I had no idea he loves me. But he was well aware of how much I loved him. I wish I could have helped him.

She posted that after the death of Drew I think I have lost all. I am beyond heartbroken, shocked, and devastated. Lucy and Annie both shared many pictures in which the followers can see them all together. The snaps that were shared belong to the trip. They both girl said these pictures remind us of good times.

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