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Lou Ferrigno’s daughter Shanna Ferrigno wrote about her struggle with her weight

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Lou Ferrigno, who is best known celebrity for his physique. It was challenging for his daughter Shanna Ferrigno to reduce her weight and look smart in the public eye. She remembered her walking on the red carpet of Emmy Award when photographer pulled apart from her parents making a perfect photoshoot. During an exclusive interview with DailyMail.com, she said my parent’s never objection on my body physique, they never said anything about my healthy body.

They always protect me. When I was a young kid, they took pity on me and never hurt me. At the age of 37 years, I have lost my extra weight with the help of fitness trainers, coaches and friends. I was psychologically very upset about my extra weight. But, now I am looking gorgeous  slim body. To look like her father, she revealed how did she struggle to lose her extra weight by leaving her favorite food and relying on just simple food.

It took ten years to make a desirable body after losing extra weight. Her pant size was 36 at the age of 12 years, but she changed her body into the new version by losing her extra weight. Shanna Ferrigno is the eldest in her three siblings including her two brothers, Louis Jr 33 and Brent 28.

Shanna’s father Lou Ferrigno was living in Brooklyn. He earned worldwide fame after competing against Arnold Schwarzenegger in Pumping Iron, a bodybuilding documentary in 1977. It was based on Mr Olympia contest in 1975. Arnold Schwarzenegger was the champion of the content while Lou Ferrigno spotted on 3rd.

Ferrigno grew up with 80 percent deafness due to childhood illness. The people teased him for his deafness. He proved himself in acting against Dr. David Banner. Later he tied a knot with his manager Carla Ferrigno. The couple has been living together for 38 years. My parents are very generous and hard working. They provided everything that we desired. I joined The Marymount Junior School in Los Angeles.

I used to go to school with Kim and Kourtney Kardashian. My parents sent me in high classed school, where the rich students came. They taught me how to earn money for survival. Shanna said I didn’t feel any trouble with my weight  ten years. Later my father told me to control extra weight when my weight was between 240 to 325 pounds. She revealed in her book, The Reset Pan: Lose the Secrets, Lose the Excuse, Lose the weight.

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My family developed business by knowing my father’s diet, food and traveling. Her busy father doesn’t have spare time for her, she engaged herself in other things to minimize the pain of solitude. I used to get money from my parents for giving gifts to my friends, but actually I spent this money for eating sugary foods and drinks. When her father returned to the bodybuilding world again in early 1990s. He could not share his time with her and she left alone.

Shanna said, I used to buy candies and binging and hid them under a bedsheet away from parents. She surprised her 13k Instagram followers by sharing her photo of 12 years of age when she was posing for a soccer game. I shared this picture because I was taking by my proud mom. In the soccer game, the opposite team player made fun of me because of my body physique, but I felt shame and hurt after winning the game. Actually, I have broken inside by such treatment of players.

When I was 12 years, my pant size was 36 because of eating sugary foods. I remember the trip to Disneyland, but I was worrying about my physique because I was unable to fit in the rides. Not only me, but also my father got in on the bullying. Shanna said that my real humiliation occurred when my mother, Carla was began shopping for me when I was in four grades at Lane Bryant, which is a store geared for overweight women.

When people, including adults and children started making my fun, I started to skip my class therefore I failed in class work. I didn’t like myself. I left school to repeat my fourth grade. In teenage, I started to overcome my physical and psychological problems that made me upset. Then I control my diet to reduce my extra fat.

My hair starts falling due to shortage of protein during the diet. She said, food addiction is more dangerous than drug addiction because it can’t eliminate. Food completely from your life. But now Shanna is an author of the book The Reset Pan in which she revealed how to lose your weight and reset your bodies. This book is written by her in 2017.

At the age of 20, I lost 25 pounds by exercise and hiking. I used to eat five or six small meals or snacks instead of eating three proper meals in a day. My aim is to be a self trainer and nutritionist to sustain my life. I don’t tell my clients to measure your weight every day because your weight may fluctuate due to water, weight yourself once in a week. Shanna said you can reboot your life just as computer after an error. Actually, I don’t believe in diet just change your habits which become your lifestyle

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