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Lolo Jones publicly uncovered the fact about her sexual decision

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Lolo Jones publicly uncovered the fact about her sexual decision that she didn’t receive any type of sex from years to marriage. But I think it was not a good decision because it kept me away from love. I could not love anyone because of taking care of my virginity. And I could not search for my life partner. The 37 years old Olympian athlete and bobsledder revealed her virginity during her appearance in the latest episode of Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud series Cold as Balls.


She said about her feelings related to virginity when Hart asked her publicly. Lolo Jones revealed that I saved myself for marriage. I don’t want to share my feeling with anyone else. In fact, I have saved myself for my husband. Sometimes, I think it may be a bad decision to stay away from love. Although it’s very hard to control sexual spirit.
This decision has killed all my dates. After revealing publicly about her virginity, she said it was my big mistake to uncover personal information. Indeed, it was not fair to expose her personal feeling. Although, I am looking for marriage to lose my virginity from my husband.



Jones chatted about her virginity when she appeared in the latest episode of the Cold as Balls series. A devout Christian said, she was a virgin and had a chance to tell her expected partner about her virginity. She said when I will tell him about my virginity when he will come to know me well.


Jones remembered that. When Hart asked her the interface of her mother ‘Lori’ in her decision to save her virginity until marriage, she said my mother did not do anything about my decision. My mother never married, but had five children. She is enjoying her life.


My decision had taken away my dates, my virginity had killed my dating chances. Jones told to Hart that being an athlete, my decision of staying away from sex negatively affected my career. There is the high-intensity level of pressure, I did not lose it and everyone knows it.



Jones added that having sex is good especially for a female athletes because it’s good for your hormones and muscle.
But I am losing this advantage by keeping me away from sex just to save my virginity. She has taken a part in both Olympic seasons including summer and winter as a US athlete.


Jones took part as an athlete in the obstacles race in the 2008 Summer Olympics Games held in Beijing and in the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London. In 2014 she took a part in Winter Olympics as a bobsledder. In 2012, on HBO’s Real Sports along with Bryant Gumbel, she said “I am a virgin and virginity is a gift for my future husband”. I’m not like other women who lose it with Anyone.



Indeed, it’s a special gift of an honest wife for her husband. She announced her decision of being a virgin on her Twitter account in 2012 and later on HBO. Although it’s very hard to save virginity it’s a unique gift from a wife for her husband.


Lolo Jones said, it is the hardest thing than all hard things including. According to me, it’s hard to pass graduation from college and even more hard than my Olympic training. There are bombs blasting of hotness in human beings but it’s unbelievable to hold on to it. Sexual feelings are more strong than other types of feelings. After announcing her decision of virginity, she did not meet with many men. But in January 2018, she enthusiastically kissed NBA star, Blake Griffin.


But it was not great. She announced her date with Griffin on her Instagram account and captioned: Worst date of my life, He is a mad kisser. She said I don’t develop relationships with others because of the decision to stay a virgin. Indeed, I have few serious relationships. Jones wrote in a post about her first and long-dated. Lolo Jones says “I had dated a college fellow more than two years”.



It was my serious relationship with him. Remember me in your prayers because I need It. Jones mentioned that my solitary was a question of my faith. She said other guys respect her because of her decision to stay a virgin until marriage. They never wished to date her. Lolo Jones was thinking that God had left me alone because God did not promise me anything. I have passed through a hard time of solitude. Two of the last three dates said you are too old and you don’t need to say my heart has broken. They said we are looking for other girls.

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