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Lily Weinstein the stepdaughter of Georgina Chapman.

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Harvey Weinstein’s daughter Lily was coming out with Georgina Chapman who is the former
stepmother of Lily. Georgina Chapman is the ex-wife of Weinstein. Lily met her former
stepmother after five months when her family was involved in mogul’s sex scandal. They were
ripped away by the scandal. Lily is a 23 years old daughter of Harvey Weinstein. It was claimed
that Lily’s father had sexually abused more the 30 women of film industry. Weinstein is about 65
years old man. She did not appear since her father scandal.

Lily Weinstein
Lily is the oldest child of Weinstein. Last time she was seen in New York while leaving the
hometown of her former stepmothers. She was walking sadly to Chelsea to visit her stepmother
Chapman’s office. Chapman is 41 years old, she was at her fashion line when Lily came to see
her. There was a phone and water bottle in her hand while walking.
Lily is famous as Remy , she was leaving for city by her downcast face. She was wearing a long
blue coat, skinny jeans and high heeled black boots. Her hair were red and cropped when she
was going. Although her father had divorce fashion designer Georgina Chapman but she wanted
to have a good relationship with her former stepmother. Weinstein divorced her on last October.
The couple broke a new of their divorce just one month away from ten years of marital
relationship. She decided to leave him when his name was in the list of sexual harassment
scandal. Chapman met with Lily in her office and she was wearing a leather jacket with black
scarf and leather black heeled boots. While talking about her husband’s scandal and her divorce
she said, my heart has broke with all those 30 women. I can understand their pain who are
suffering with it. That is why I decided to leave my husband. Lily set off with her former
stepmother Chapman’s vehicle.
They were together after the divorce with Weinstein. New York Times published a story related
to this case in which he molested the women. The both Lily and her stepmother met with the
driver before starting a journey toward north New York City together. Lilly was hiding with her
rest of siblings in her Hollywood home last October. There were many helpers along them.
Because media was very aggressive about her father’s history. Her downcast face was visible
across the car window transparent glass on the way of city toward north.
Lily was looking very upset when they were going to unknown place of the city. She put both
hands on her face while sitting in car and looking pensive. This week, Chapman was going
outside the city and her face was covered with extra-large eyewear. Due to her ex-husband’s
humiliation and badly fall from Hollywood industry, she left her New York Fashion Week
show. Chapman was under cover for few weeks. In November she left the US and went to
England’s rural areas.
Company CEO repelled out Weinstein due to sexual abuse allegations against him. Weinstein
rejected the allegations against him of consensual sex. Chapman shared two children with

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