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Lily Collins and Netflix confirm that ‘Emily In Paris’ is back for two more seasons

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The most lovable series of Netflix was renewed for two more seasons. The Netflix and Emily, Lily Collins gives spoilers to the fans about incoming seasons of Emily In Paris. As the final episode of the second season ended, many questions and confusions left in the minds of fans.

Their comments told their excitement level and also their longing for answers. But the Netflix and Lily answer all their questions by giving them hints as: ‘Say howdy to series three and four!’

The viewers of the second season will get all their answers in third and fourth season as the series has renewed. Lily posted on her Instagram about this exciting news and Netflix added that Lily is going to get more opportunities in the coming year.

The leading lady of Emily In Paris, 32-years-old, also shared an animated photo on her Instagram, wearing Pajamas of the series with her hands in the air. The Netflix distributor also confirmed the new possibilities for Emily on Monday.

Emily tells her fans about her comedy series renewal and also shows her love for their big support. The series is one of the most hit series on Netflix. She said: ‘I am here with some very exciting news for all the viewers… your one of the favorite series has renewed for season three… and guess what is more exciting? Season four!’

She added: ‘The announcement outfit does not make any difference to Emily. I am not sure either she loves it or not, But she would be crazy about new seasons. This all was not possible without your love and support, so a bundle of thanks my beloved fans’.

Lily Collins

The last season ended by leaving Emily in between two choices. She was hanging between the choice of a job promotion and to stay in the city. She has an opportunity to get job promotion at the Savior’s office or to stay in the city of love at Sylvie’s brand-new agency.

Lily posted a video on Instagram which had some clips from the season one and two of Emily In Paris. She disclosed about the incoming seasons to take place in Berlin. Her co-stars also confirmed their presence in third and fourth seasons, which left the fans in even more excitement. Samuel Arnold and Ashley Park said: ‘It was a great experience to work in this series and we would love to film the incoming seasons too.’

The leading star posted a picture in which she was modeling for Vogue Hong Kong with a comment: ‘Season three in pivot??? Who is coming to join me? The official Instagram responded to her post as ‘Lily I’m always lagging behind you, never leaving you alone anywhere.’

Julian, played by Samuel, also replied ‘Me always.’

Ashley Park aka Mindy Chen in this hit series on Netflix responded:  ‘I am going to check Berlin off the bucket list please.’

The fan’s excitement is above the level, they are waiting eagerly for the next seasons.

Lily Collins

Lily Collins

Lily Collins

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