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Let’s not use any more clumsy totes or straw baskets. A proper handbag is required now.

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Jess Cartner-Morley says I initially believed that I was just getting older. You know, I’ve discovered that I long for a “Proper Handbag.” the kind of bag a woman might use. Straw baskets bore me, and trendy clutch bags don’t faze me. I need something practical. I long for structure and internal compartments since I’m tired of squishing around in a lumpy tote or bucket bag. I prefer a bag that tucks under my arm rather than a cross-body strap that cinches up my jacket. In other words, I want the exact type of bag I’ve always considered too cool for me.

But it seems that I haven’t outgrown my desire for It bags as I once thought; rather, the It bag has matured. The conventional handbag, which hasn’t been in style in a very long time, is the most trendy bag this season. a straightforward, sleek form made to fit comfortably between the elbow and the ribcage. a secure clasp that protects the contents from light fingertips and prying eyes. While being neat enough to not overshadow your clothing, it is large enough to fit a small umbrella. Instead of a bag you may use for, oh, pieces of rose quartz or a vintage Polaroid camera or something, you want a bag that appears like it has hand sanitizer, Kleenex, and an extra ponytail band inside.

Bags like these are timeless. In five years, they will still be in high demand.

Could this mark the start of a trend honouring the Queen? Over the past month, those boxy Launer handbags have been spotted everywhere. The Queen’s iconic snap-closure purse had been with her for the whole of her reign, but this year it took on a new magic when, at a platinum jubilee tea with Paddington Bear, a marmalade sandwich sprang out of one. Even in her final known photograph, which was shot two days prior to her passing in front of the fire at her Balmoral home, the Queen is shown resting on her walking stick with a black handbag draped over her left wrist.

You may see Kendall Jenner wearing the boxy Jimmy Choo Varenne Quad, which features a foldover closure and a classic gold-chain strap, if you open a glossy magazine right now. Entering a Celine store is to be seduced by the understatement of a boxy Triomphe, all sleek calfskin and pebble-smooth contours. The Trapeze design once pioneered a craze for bags in unusual, angular shapes that made them instantly recognisable even at a distance. Influencers were seen proudly carrying Loewe’s new-season update on its bucket bag all over the fashion shows this month. The bag has been streamlined into a shallow oval profile, given a new firm posture, and has a useful tab fastening.

A classic faux-leather top-stitched style with gold hardware is available at M&S for £35 as the high street has taken notice. Bags like these are timeless. In five years, people will still find them appealing. Because used to make them less of a necessity, but now that many people purchase fashion with an eye toward resale value, it makes them more enticing rather than less of a necessity.

The resale market is centred on time-honored, premium brands and fashions. The Chanel 2.55 or Gucci’s Jackie bag, both of which have maintained their value, serve as the gold standard. What appears appealing has changed as the importance of resale as a criterion to take into account when spending money on clothing and accessories. All the cool kids at once desire a ladylike handbag. And I concur.

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