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alfie oldman the son of Gray Oldman was celebrating the evening dinner with his step brothers

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The British actress Oscar nominee Ms Manville received a prize for her best performance. The supporting actress was looking so excited, as she was nominated in the best-supporting actress category for her best performance in Phantom Thread.

Lesley Manville revealed she was the first wife of Gary Oldman. When Gary Oldman achieved a success his first wife Lesley Manville congratulate him. Lesley Manville revealed she congratulated her ex-husband on his Oscar-win.The famous Gary Oldman has his Twitter as well as an Instagram page where he has a large number of communities.

He boasts over his followers. After winning the Academy Award, Gary Olman shared his success news with his followers. In the shared picture Gary Oldman was looking at left and his ex-wife and son was looking right. According to the source he wished if he gets the Award for the best Actor he will celebrate his success with his ex-wife.

Lesley Manville is Oldman’s ex-wife who congratulated her ex-husband when he has won the Academy Award. In the meantime, Old Man awarded the Academy in the best actor category, with his turn as Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour.

Mr Gray Oldman and his wife were married to each other 30 years ago today. The pair revealed they had a 29 year-old son Alfie from their marriage. Lesley Manville expressed when she gave birth Alfie, her husband Gray Olsman was very happy for her.

The couple also shared their son’s pictures so that their followers like them. Manville was very happy at this occasion; she shares at this event, when her husband wins the Award she was accompanied by her son. Lesley Manville said their night at the Oscars felt like a ‘family evening’,

She told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: All the people belongs to my thoughts I’am sour-faced but they totally felt wrong, I’m not remotely sour-faced. I proved all of them wrong. Breaking news; Manville expressed her husband has a new wife. She said I’m satisfied with my life because we all get on because we have a child together.

Listen, everyone should get on. Mr. Gray Oldman and Manville shared we’re a very successful family Mr. Gray Oldman has also other sons with him. Manville revealed  my son is very close to his step-brothers. All the family had a delightful night. They all were happy at this night. Oldman shared his pictures with his fans, he told to the fans, it was taken when he was going to engage with her first wife Manville.

Their engagement took place in 1986. The pair was looking beautiful and happy. After marriage, they spend happy moments together and once again the couple shared their son Alfie in the 1989 film.

Lesley Manville

‘It’s felt like a family evening. And Gary and I are friends, so it’s been very good and being very nice for our son, I think.They took family dinner together and announced we have a happy family. Manville announced I am agree with my husband. She was expressing her pleasure and told my son Alfie Oldman are happy with his father and step brothers.

‘It’s not that my son lives a vibrant life through his parents, I don’t want him to do it, but it’s been good for him to have nominated his father and his mother. ‘And my son  can see us all having a great evening together like a happy family.

Manville revealed it was a strange evening for her and her son Alfie Oldman. The Oscars are a first strange night it was my first experience so it was an unusual night for me. The couple Revealed they met in 1984 in a play at London Royal Court.

Oldman told to his Instagram followers, he was the son of an alcoholic welder who belongs to south-east London and his first wife is the daughter of a taxi driver who belongs to East Sussex. According to the news the mother had spent two years in ITV soap Emmerdale. After celebrating their marriage ceremony in 1987, the couple has been seen in British theatre.

But Oldman was also making a name for himself on screen, first with his veseral performance as the drug addict Sex Pistol Sud Weshis in Sid and Nancy in 1985, and then the following year as gay playwright Joe Orton in The Perek Up Your Ears.

In an interview at the time, Oldman admitted that the character in particular has strained their relationship. ‘I walked away from sex and Lesley and I didn’t love,’ he said, adding that he has become ‘very camp’ for the role. The relationship got worse as Oldman was attracted by Hollywood while his wife’s great achievements revolved around British theatre.

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