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LED signs vs. metal signs – a critical comparison

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Consider it a good idea for a few factors when looking for custom brands. In this article, we will discuss the aspects that need to be carefully researched and researched before finding signage makers near me. There are three main options for lighting signs for your business: neon, fluorescent and LED.

Recently, more companies have been taking advantage of the value of LED signs for their company. In this post, we elaborate more on the many benefits that illuminated signs can bring to your organization in Toronto.

Businesses across the country are investing in custom metal signs to attract consumers. While signs are available in various materials and styles, custom metal signs have unique characteristics that make them the best bang for your buck.

Here are some reasons why custom LED signs should be part of your business’s marketing plan.

Advantages of LED signs

There are three main options for lighting signs for your business: neon, fluorescent and LED. Recently, more companies are taking advantage of the value of LED signs for their company; In this latest post, we explain more about the many benefits that LED signs can bring to your organization in Toronto.


One of the clear benefits of selecting LED signs for your company is the level of brightness these signs offer.

Environmentally friendly performance

Another reason why many companies are now using LED signs is that these signs are environmentally friendly. A typical LED sign uses only 10 watts, about 80% less power than a comparable neon system.

Low maintenance

When you are looking for a sign that will help you save time and money in promoting your brand, LED signs are a great choice. Their long life means I can rely on signage makers near me for little maintenance needs in the future. They do not contain glass tubes or gases, which can often be brittle and cause the lighting system to malfunction.


Since LED signs do not require tubes, manufacturers can make products thinner. A neon sign can be 3 to 5 inches thick, while an LED sign can be only 1 inch thick. Due to the smaller dimensions of LED signs, there are many other advantages.

Creative flexibility

You also have more creative flexibility when choosing LED signs. LED technology is evolving rapidly, and you can now integrate a range of animations and color changes into your LED sign design.


Now we come to the main advantage of LED signs: their durability. The highest quality LEDs can last up to 100,000 operating hours. This is up to 6 years longer than an equivalent fluorescent sign.

Advantages of metal signs

Metal signs can be moved without damage.

For merchants, seasonal events are lucrative events. Signage makers near me may post signs advertising a sale for several weeks or months. In the process of assembly or disassembly, strings are torn while using vinyl and plastic signs, ropes, adhesives, and accidents.

Double sided signs.

The back is often blank when businesses have a metal sign in their storefronts. The store signs are also the same. Blank signs aren’t just an eyesore – they’re a waste of valuable advertising space.

They can be lit

Using a spotlight, any sign can be illuminated but that’s not very exciting. The metal sign can be illuminated in several creative and eye-catching ways. The light in front can project an attractive silhouette on the wall. Illuminated metal sign feature logos in dazzling colors that attract attention and engage customers.

Easy to clean

Everything gets a little dirty when window displays are in high-traffic areas. Cleaned windows, floors swept, and countertops polished. Over time, the markings also get a little dirty. If it is on cardboard or canvas, washing can damage it.

Any shape of custom metal signs.

The rectangular canvas signs convey a message but are a little plain. For new businesses, getting in front of potential new customers is vital to get them through the tumultuous first year.

They can be highly detailed.

Imagine you’ve come up with the perfect logo. It’s complex but not too messy. It looks great on your computer. The printing of a metal sign on it. When you see your sign for the first time, you’re disappointed that it looks blurry and pixelated.

Using state-of-the-art laser cutting tools and printing techniques, a custom metal sign always looks sharp. Each line is different. Like your vision for your business, your sign deserves stunning details of your business.


LED signboards are a great choice that is both stylish and practical. At Signworld, we can create custom LED signboards that are perfect for your business.

We are the clear choice for people living in and around the UK. We are a leading brand with years of experience creating high-quality brands. Please do not hesitate to contact us today if you would like to discuss your requirements.

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