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Lara Trump shows off her bikini with her son Luke Robert Yunaska on his first boat ride

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Lara Trump showed off her bikini while enjoying with her kid Luke during her first boat ride.
She was showing her slim body while talking to her 8 months old baby on weekend.

Eric Trump’s wife shared a pair of snaps on her Instagram in which she was showing off her bikini
when she hold her son and a pic of Robert Yunaska with her son Luke.

Robert Yunaska is grandfather of Lara Trump. It was also Luke’s first boat journey with his parents including
mother, father and grandfather.

His mother Lara Trump planned to showed her bikini by wearing
sunglasses and hats, she captioned ‘Life is Full Circle’ for those pics taken in Wrightsville North
Carolina Beach.
Lara Trump sped out on boat with her eight months old son first time in life on Friday. The
mother of Luke Robert Yunaska is enjoying with her family on the beach in North Carolina.

In the snap, Eric’s wife and mother of Luke was spotted on the edge of boat while her young boy
enjoying in her lap by wearing red swimsuit. She wore dark sunglasses and string bikini.

It was her only snap in bikini on the boat. Luke swaying in the midday sun while her mother was
posing. In another snap Luke was spotted in the lap of Robert Yunaska, he was just in pair of
shorts without shirt.

And he wore a hat printed ‘ Make America Great Again’ to support the
president Donald Trump, who is father in law of his daughter.

Last time Lara has been seen with blue hat and her baby was trying to remove it from his head,
Lara’s pet dog ‘Buffy’ was also with them resting at the back curve of boat. Lara shared an
Instagram stories of her family dog Buffy’s pics.

As she was on trip but it was not clear her husband Eric was ready to meet her in North Carolina. President Donald Trump was going
toward Camp David with his family including Eric, Donald Jr, Tiffany, Ivanka and her husband
and Jared Kushner on Friday.

All the siblings of Eric were spotted boarding Marine on their way
to Maryland for a presidential retreat. It was first week of Lara to spend with his baby.

Lara TrumpLara Trump shared some Instagram video stories in which she was sitting down by holding her
baby Luke at LaGuardia Airport. She used flower crown filter in her video stories on Instagram
and it was her fist solo flight with her baby.

Luke wrapped a handkerchief around his neck while Lara wore a camouflage jacket and her beautiful brown hair were running down to her shoulders and dancing in air. There people were waiting for their flight behind her when it revealed she was planning to go to North Carolina.

But she was going alone without her husband Eric. Eric share a beautiful video of his baby sitting in Baby Walker and captioned it #RoombaWars.
Lara sped out on a journey toward Nashville Tennessee to support her father in law, president
Donald Trump.

She was wearing a red gown running down to her knees and wrapped a black
ballet around her waist. Mother of only child, shared her snap on the podium in which she was
thanking to Nashville. In March, Lara shared her modeling snaps at her father in-law’s Mar-aLago estate

Lara Trump


Lara Trump

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