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Lala Kent splits engagement with ex husband of Ambyr Childers

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Lala Kent went outside to a book signing and Q&A event at a Barnes & Noble in Los Angeles without her engagement ring. She broke up with her fiancé Randall Emmett earlier in the week but did not announce it yet.

She put her engagement behind her and went to a modest apartment in Santa Monica on Thursday. Her mother, Lisa Burningham, and her seven-month-old daughter Ocean joined her on tour.

The Vanderpump Rules star chose to wear a stylish black leather blazer with peaked lapels while visiting the apartment. The 31-year-old Lala looked to put together the rest of her casual chic ensemble with a black T-shirt and bunched-up black sweatpants.

Lala Kent added some color to her casual look by wearing a black shirt with colorful graphics and cool green-and-white Nike high-top sneakers. The reality star tied her into a low-slung messy bun and her mother also copied her hairstyle.

Lisa Burningham mirrored the style of her daughter with a black T-shirt, matching jeans, and sandals. The women were standing outside of Lala’s black SUV and her mother was helping her to get Ocean out of her car seat.

The baby Ocean looked cute in a black onesie to complement her mother and grandmother. Ocean carried around a small teddy bear wearing a green shirt while looking at her mother. Lala covered the ears of her daughter Ocean, possibly to shield her from the noise of traffic and horns.

The women visited the apartment building which seemed to be expensive and pricy compared to other buildings in the US. On Friday, the day after her outing, she posted her pictures of the celebration marking three years of sobriety on her Instagram account.

she posted a picture of herself against a pink background, wearing a plastic crown, a black outfit, and piercing blue eyeliner. Lala wrote a long caption under her picture: ‘I am thankful to the God and after that my father who helped me to choose the right path.

Today I completed 3 years of Sobriety and this journey is beyond description. My sober coach, my sponsors, and all the men and women who told me about their stories are like angels to me. Their stories inspired me to live a drink-free life.’

Lala Kent

Although I have to take it ‘one day at a time, I feel strong enough in my sobriety. I have done the proudest things in my life, one is to be a mother and another is my sobriety. My priority is always my sobriety because I’m useless without it. I love you all so much. You all are my support system,’ she added.

Her costar Scheana Shay from Vanderpump Rules posted Lala’s picture to her Instagram story with the caption ‘Congrats to you queen on completing e years of sobriety. In the playful variation on the photo, the blonde beauty Lala is sticking her tongue out.

Her friend Katie Maloney, wife of Tom Schwartz, also celebrated the accomplishment of her friend by posting a black-and-white photo with a lovely caption: ‘I am proud of you, your tenacity, conviction, and vulnerability.

You proved yourself a strong woman by putting your fears apart. I am so happy for you on your completion of 3 years of sobriety. Lots of love for you.’

Vanderpump Rules restaurant Sur also sent warm wishes to her by posting her topless photo with baby Ocean. Sur posted her photo on Instagram and wrote a caption: ‘It requires a lot of courage to admit that you have a problem, but you did it with great strength.

You’re a champion, Lala. Today you complete 3 years of Lala being sober. You rock and I’m so happy about it. Always keep your morale high.’

After her separation from the father of her only child, she went to the book signing event of her book Give Them Lala in a shimmering pink-hued mini dress.

During the event, she told her fans about her separation from the 50-year-old film producer. Her mini dress featured a low-cut neckline which showed off her cleavage and long sleeves.

Lala Kent chose to wear a pair of nude leather pumps with her tiny dress. Lala has worn down her hair blonde hair in the middle part as accentuated her natural looks with complimentary make-up topped off with shiny lip.

One of her fans asked her how she was holding up after the news earlier this week and she replied: ‘I’m doing the right things for me.’

An attendee told Page Six on Thursday that things got interesting when a follower told her whatever decision she makes would be the ‘right one’. The Bravolebrity brought the heat and responded: ‘I’m a smart b****h.’

She broke up with the father of Ocean after he allegedly cheated in Nashville, but the next day they were working things out.

On Tuesday afternoon, she went out without any makeup on her face, wearing a Tupac Shakur sweatshirt with ripped jeans. She went without her diamond engagement ring from Emmett. The reality star Lala covered her blonde hair under a cap while going out to the Beverly Glen Marketplace in LA.

Lala Kent did not seem in a good mood as she kept her head down and her large diamond ring was also missing. She stayed silent when TMZ asked if she was patched up with Randall. Earlier in the day, the site shared that Lala, 33, and movie producer Randall, 50, was together in their home in California.

The Utah native was busy on her cell phone while standing next to her mother Lisa Burningham. TMZ’s sources say that they are trying to save their relationship. They both checked into the Beverly Hills Hotel on Sunday night and stayed there.

On the phone call, Lala was looking anxious. A source told the TMZ site: ‘Randall always lives a double life and cheats her wife. He lives the life of a husband or boyfriend, and then the life of a serial partier or a bender.

Lala Kent deleted all the pictures of her husband to be from her Instagram and other social media pages. She also liked a video on social media in which he was cheating on her while partying in Nashville.

Kent and Emmet met in 2015 and started dating after they made each other’s acquaintance. The movie producer firstly married his first wife Ambyr Childers. They had two children together and separated in 2015.  Even though they reconciled after five months, but dissolved their union in 2017.

In 2018, Emmett and Kent started dating and planned to have their wedding ceremony in April of 2020.  They had to postpone their plans due to the ongoing state of the global pandemic. They later rescheduled their nuptials and announced that they were expecting to bring a child into their lives.

Everything was fine between the couple a week ago, but now are breaking up with each other.

Lala Kent

Lala Kent

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