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Korea’s best dog used to clone the guard dogs of Russian prison

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The world’s first cloning facility in South Korea succeeded in cloning two designer dogs. These cloned dogs, Jack and Tom, started guarding murderers and rapists at one of  Russia’s toughest Jails. Their performance in first three weeks at Forced Labour Camp Number One is beyond expectation. In Yakutsk, they showed their skills in the best way.

In early training, their performance was not good, but they did their utmost efforts to adjust themselves to the cold climate of Russia. The temperature can fall  -40C, much lower than the freezing point of ice. The cope provided one of them with a pair of special boots to perform better in cold conditions by keeping his pawns warm.

The staff at the prison told about the performance of the pair: ‘Initially, they did not show their skills in a better way and that was due to cold climate. Now the pair is able to follow the train of an escapee and complete obstacle course with full devotion, keeping all the distractions aside. By nature, they are very gentle and smart.’

The best sniffer dogs of Korea used in cloning of Tom and Jack at a cost of $75,000 each. These animals are now part of a broad of 500 animals. They are now doing their jobs at an excellent level. The cloning expert Dr Hwang Woo Suk from South Korea bred this special pair of guard dogs. Scientists extract the DNA from the cells of the best guard dogs of Korea and by using these genes they cloned this special pair of dogs.

Dr Hwang gifted this pair to the law enforcement authorities in Siberia’s vast Yakutia. He was hunting for the dead remains of woolly mammoths in this region as he wants to clone the hairy giants back to life.

Korea’s best dog

The Russia’s toughest jail includes political prisoners and many other male intimates. These Belgian Malinois dogs are now guarding 720 male intimates at the harsh labour camp in Yakutsk. One of these intimates is Oleg Sentsov, a Ukrainian filmmaker. In August, he sentenced to 20 years jail for plotting terrorist acts in Crimea.

In Yakutsk, a punk group Pussy Riot protested against his detention, which became the cause of his movement from the high security penal colony.

Firstly, the guard dogs – bred in a Seoul laboratory from the cells of Korean dogs – sent for a test before joining the police force in the city. This test proved them perfect, but they still did not perform well in the training. Experts now believe this test came too early. They said that there is nothing wrong in test reports, but designed specifically  needed time to adapt themselves to the harsh climate.

Tom and Jack do their best to adapt the environment conditions and are surpassing expectations of their abilities. The senior dog instructor at the labour camp, Irina Babikova, said: ‘Despite of their duty, they are smart and gentle. Although the weather conditions affect them, but they keep working without paying attention to weather and external distractions.’

The temperature falls up to minus 40C, but these cloned puppies work even at this freezing temperature. The Sooam Biotech laboratories in Seoul clone 500 puppies and these are best among them. In a picture, Dr Hwang poses with one of the animals at his cloning facility, the world’s first animal cloning center.

He also cloned an animal at his cloning facility and test its abilities. It is the first animal of its kind in the world.

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