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Kinder Bueno starts selling ice cream products

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Kinder Bueno is famous for its sweet treat offerings and chocolates. The sweet-toothed social media users got three new ice cream versions of its much-loved candy bars. The chocolate brand is going to sell frozen versions of the candy bar.

This exciting news of releasing ice cream was revealed on a French news site. Kinder Bueno announces that three types of ice cream bars will be available this summer. These three types are Kinder Bueno ice crsandwicheswich, Kinder Bueno ice cream sticks, and Kinder ice cream cones. The fans of this chocolate brand will be able to enjoy all these types while soaking up some sun.

Ice creams will be low in calories and the people looking to cut back still enjoy the sweet treat. The delicious and nutritious ice cream is just 206 calories, so you do not need to think about your diet schedule before eating it.

Social media went into a frenzy of excitement after getting this news from the brand. The brand ensures that the most delicious-looking one will give you the same taste as its chocolate bar counterpart. Several European news outlets described the ice cream cone variety as ‘fine hazelnut milk ice embedded in a crispy croissant with a core of Kinder milk chocolate sauce covered with a layer of hazelnut cream got from Ferrero hazelnuts.’

Fans took social media to share their excitement on getting the news of the new addition to the Kinder family. They start asking about the location where these Kinder Bueno cones are available.

One fan wrote: ‘I desperately need these ice creams. I can’t even wait for a second to go out and buy all three types. Where can I get these ice creams from? ’

Another expressed his excitement by writing: ‘Finally my dream has come true. I have no words to express my love for this brand. Thank You, Kinder Bueno.’

Kinder Bueno

A chocolate-lover tweeted: ‘Excited to know about the existence of Kinder Bueno ice creams. I have to get one as soon as possible. We all love Kinder for giving us such an amazing surprise.’

Another fan drooled over the news and felt no shame in expressing his feelings on Twitter: ‘A few hours ago, I came to know that Kinder Bueno ice cream cones exist. Now the ultimate goal of my life is to get it and make it mine.’

A chocolate factory Ferrero, invented by Michele Ferrero, distributes Kinder Bueno across the world. Michele died at the age of 89, but before his death, he introduced the world’s most eccentric Candyman Tic Tacs, Kinder Surprise, and Ferrero Rocher.

After his death, his younger son Giovanni, who writes novels in his spare time, is the head of the company.


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