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Kimberly Guilfoyle shared photos of ‘Beautiful Spring Break’ with Donald Trump Jr. and his children.

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Kimberly Guilfoyle is with Jr. Donald Trump and his children. In photos they are visiting Mara-Lago during spring break. She shared photos on social media while enjoying with Jr. Donald Trump and his children.

Guilfoyle is 50 years old and Jr. Trump is 40 years old. They are enjoying their family trip
during spring break. On Monday, Kimberly shared a story with the title: me with our children enjoying spring holidays. She said it’s an incredible blessing to visit with children. Spring break along special family is a really great blessing of God.

Kimberly Guilfoyle

I’m very grateful to having such a memorable trip with them. She posted photos on her
Instagram account. The 50 years old Kimberly with his son and five children of her boyfriend visiting Mar-a-Lago.

She said it’s a nice journey with beautiful kids and boyfriend. It was a lovely trip.
In a group photo there are Donnie, age 10, Chloe, age 4, Guilfoyle’s only son Rona, age 12,
Spencer, age 6, Guilfoyle, Don Jr., Kai, age 11, and Tristan, age 7
Kimberly is sharing Ronan Anthony Villency with ex-husband Eric Villency before joining Jr.

Kimberly Guilfoyle

Ronan and her mother joined Mr. Donald clan at Mar-a-Lago trip. Don Jr. sharing all his five
children with his ex-wife Vanessa Guilfoyle shared her excitement with her boyfriend Donald Jr while sharing her photos. She shared lots of hashtagging with different captions such as #blessings #momlife#lovelyson etc.

Guilfoyle became 50 on March 9. She celebrated her birthday dinner with the president at Mar-a-Lago. It was an awesome dinner party with the  president. Guilfoyle is dating Jr, Donald since March. He pulled out all his stops for her birthday. They are looking so gorgeous together. She said, I am having a gorgeous time with business boyfriend.


She shared a picture with her businessman boyfriend near her golf course. In July , Guilfoyle has left her work on television Kimberly the was co-host of Fox and The Five news. She was a personality and attorney of news.


When someone asked about wedding of Don Jr with her girlfriend. He said I’m expecting morepleasures with her. We are still dating and the marriage will be at perfect time.
First of all we want to enjoy each other’s company. By knowing well to each other will smooth the way of marriage. I like to live with her and enjoy her company.
We are enjoying with our children. It’s a pleasure to have her with me. It’s a way of sharing love and care. He said , I think marry with someone when you have lots of love and care to share.


It s a memorable time of my life to having her with me. We are dating since her birthday in
March. I want to celebrate many such events with her. While paying attribute to her Don Jr said, I am very grateful for her . I am thankful for everything she did and gave to me. Talking about marriage, he said, the wedding bells are on the card. It could be in short time.
The more interesting to spend time and celebrate lots of birthday parties together. Jr Donald filed for divorce from his ex-wife Vanessa in August. The process of divorce completed in November.


Eventually, they separated in February and closed the relationship forever. Vanessa is in New York now.

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