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Kevin Hunter is living large with his mistress Sharina Hudson

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Kevin Hunter is living a joyful life in a secret hideaway in New Jersey with his mistress Sharina Hudson who gave birth to their daughter.

Wendy Williams, the wife of Kevin, winter to a depressive state of mind after knowing about the affairs of her husband. The TV star started consuming alcohol and pills and became addicted to them

After 22 years of her marriage with Kevin, Williams finally decided to serve divorce papers to her husband on Thursday. She had an estimated worth of $60 million.

The 47-year-old Hunter went to pick up Sharina Hudson in his new maroon convertible Rolls-Royce. Both were ready to go out for dinner in Edgewater, New Jersey. The 33-year-old Hudson curled her hair and carried a quilted Chanel purse worth $5,200.

The massage therapist chose to wear a chunky diamond chain necklace and diamond studs. Hudson got into the dark blue Infiniti SUV on Sunday, which also appears to be new like the other four different cars.

Kevin Hunter gifted the mother of his daughter with a $215,000-plus gold Ferrari Portofino. She was driving her new sports car on Monday while wearing a Thom Browne tracksuit worth $1,260. She showed off her post-baby body in the tracksuit.

Hunter also bought new cars for himself, including a luxury Rolls-Royce. In a picture on social media, Hudson left her secret hideaway in New Jersey in a flashy vehicle worth $215,000.

Wendy Williams’ estranged husband spared no expenses on his duds as one day he wore a $1500 Fendi vest, $490 Fendi hat, $515 Fendi sunglasses, and $770 Fendi pants.

To avoid media attention, the couple was living in a secret hideaway after Hudson gave birth to their daughter in Hahnemann University Hospital in Philadelphia.

Kevin Hunter

Someone captured Hunter at the secret hideaway with Sharina and the wife of Hunter took action on his affair. Hunter was carrying a bag from Whole Foods on Sunday and his mistress was walking behind her.

According to TMZ, Wendy severed him with divorce papers on Thursday morning at the TV studio. The administrators of the TV studio hired extra security to control outbursts.

According to DailyMailTV, Hunter told Hudson that he couldn’t afford separation from Wendy as he is dependent on her for the bills. He is an executive producer on Williams’ TV show.

A personal representative for Williams said: ‘We are requesting to everyone to respect the privacy of the family. Wendy and her family have been a part of Debmar- Mercury for over 10 years, but it’s their matter. We have no right to discuss their private life publically.

Kevin and Wendy used to support each other and always tried to bring entertaining and topical shows to the viewers. That’s all. We are not going to provide any additional comments.’

Williams’ lawyer confirmed that she is going to divorce her husband for nearly 22 years. The 54-year-old star came to the set in a good spirit on Thursday, but she was wearing a different ring than her wedding ring.

A source told DailyMailTV that she was doing her work with the ring on her hand until she worked out what to do with Hunter.

In a picture on social media, they are grabbing lunch on the Upper East Side in March while holding their hands on each other.

DailyMailTV revealed that Williams had been living in a sober living home in New York and consuming booze and prescribed drugs. After this kind of news from various channels, she filed for divorce.

She did not make an impulsive decision as she was noticing him with his mistress for more than a decade. Her downward spiral sparked in December and she decided to cut off from Hunter.

Radar Online asked Hunter about the divorce and he replied: ‘This just happened. I don’t want to say anything.’

‘Wendy never questioned him about his relationship with Sharina and Hunter took the advantage of it. He welcomed her baby with a warm heart. She didn’t think Kevin would go this far, but he crossed the limits to distraught her.

She lost herself and everyone tried to bring her back to life. She never wanted to leave her husband, but another woman who had his child urged her to do so.’

In a show Williams discussed the difficulties in her marriage: ‘It’s not easy to handle marriages. And don’t ask me about mine until you see it broke – I’m sure that it is not going anywhere, not in this lifetime.’

On Wednesday, Hudson came back to her home in tight workout gear while carrying a coconut water bottle. She and Hunter have been having an affair for more than 10 years and had their first child last year.

Williams married her manager in 1997 and has a son named Kevin Hunter Jr. with him. She wrote: ‘I told him to never lie about anything otherwise I would walk out for good. I asked him to discuss if he was in love with anyone else, but he tried to hide it.’

William’s marital problems are the root causes of her addiction to drugs and booze. She hired an investigator last December to spy on Hunter who she suspected was still in a relationship with Hudson. The investigator revealed that Hudson has been dating her husband for ten years and their secret affair is still alive.

After being told about the affair, Williams confronted his husband demanding to know why he was still seeing the massage therapist. During the heated clash, Williams fell dow and suffered a hairline fracture.

During the recovery process, she started drinking alcohol and became hooked. She was away from hosting her show and other social activities.

After returning from rehab in Florida, Williams started living in a home that is situated above a barbershop in Long Island City. But when he came across the news that Hudson gave birth to a baby girl, she came out of her sober home and lost herself. Due to over cooverconsumptionohol she had to admit to hospital by her team.

The star’s sober coach told: ‘She was in a bad mood and went back from the studio to her sober house. On the way to her home, she managed to find alcohol and started drinking it.’

‘We all were thinking whether she would come back to her show or not. Eventuall,y we found her drunk and took her to hospital.’

Hudson made her utmost efforts to convenience Hunter to leave his wife so that they can settle down and start a family. But Hunter told her that Williams paid all the bills so he can’t leave her.

Kevin Hunter

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