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61 and Sexy: Kathy Griffin dances topless on the balcony on her birthday

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Kathy Griffin celebrated her 61st birthday on Thursday. At the moment of her  the birthday she said I’m feeling very well about my body. I’m looking still young and energetic. My physique and fitness is still awesome. Although I have spent more than half on the century but my body is still fresh. To prove her fitness and energy, Kathy danced at the balcony on her birthday. She said time is passing quickly, but I’m looking more young. Time didn’t change me more as others.


Kathy Griffin


I’m still young and smart like teenagers. My body runs at high energy. Kathy danced on her
birthday. She was in topless and sexy dress. Indeed, she wanted to make her birthday memorable for her. The comedy star and actress share her dance video on her Instagram. Comedy star was looking so gorgeous and beautiful on her boyfriend.


In August, she has undergone her lunges surgery. During surgery, some of her lungs part have been removed. Although she did never smoke. After diagnosing  lunch cancer, she remained strong and her spirit was very high. On her birthday, she pulled out all the stops. To make her birthday special, she performed a topless dance.

Kathy shared her backside posing clips on her Instagram. That is why it’s not sure either she is totally nude or she had wear just topless dress. It seemed she was on the side of ocean to get away with it.

She was standing on her balcony to see the ocean before her eyes. The Camera was recording behind her when she was looking toward her pool. Kathy stretched out her arms while glowing. She swung her fist into the air to close the short sight. While sharing her birthday pic in her birthday dress, she captioned 61 and sexy. Her friend Selma Blair wrote a comment on her birthday post ‘Happy Birthday Kathy!’ Love you so much.


Kathy Griffin


Kris Jenner added a comment on her caption’ Happy Birthday!’ Bundle of love and best wishes for you dear Kathy. Her fellow comic Caroline Rhea mentioned a comment ‘ Happy Birthday Beauty Queen!’ Traci Lord wrote ‘Happy Birthday Kathy!’ Love you a lot. McDonald the comedian Heather wrote ‘ So sweet to see you another night’!


Your house is so gorgeous and beautiful. In August Suddenly Susan actor broke out the news of her lung cancer stage one while she was leaving the hall. She revealed the news of her lung cancer in, such as way, I am going to tell you something guys. I have lung cancer.


Then she shared a post about her cancer and said I will undergo surgery to my left lung in August. Although I did never smoke. The doctors were very hopeful about the cure of this cancer. They added it’s the first stage of cancer and it’s not so lethal for you. There will be no chemo or radiation after that. You can take a normal breath. She said I just rested for one month or less and then I started running.


In February 2020, she passed through a surgery process in Las Angeles. During surgery she lost her left lung part. Kathy said my surgery has worked well. Although I was suffering with pain after that, but ended with good results. The stand-up star said honestly, this surgery was beyond my anticipation. I did not take any narcotic pain killer at night. Meet my friend Tylenol, my new friend! She mentioned her social media. Kathy mentioned that her experience in hospital was not good. Hospital association did not treat me well.


Last time in June 2020, I was in hospital. I tried to take my life own by taking extra doses of prescribed medicine. Over a year I didn’t take any pill and remained drug free. That is why I’m sure that I stay strong with taking such devil pills. She said I am afraid of drug addiction and taking medicine more than cancer. So, I’m feeling quite well now without of using drugs.


After surgery, I have lost my real voice. I am trying to recover it, but still is faint and hoarse in her new video. In September, Kathy wrong about her experience on Instagram, she said other people suffer through suffocation problems, deep coughing, deep pain and tiredness. But my case is opposite to those. Now, I am suffering with vocal cord issues.


Kathy said I’m suffering with little breathing and cough. The main issue is the disturbance of my vocal cord. My sound is hoarse and faint. She said one thing that doesn’t belong to cancer is that “how embarrassing I am to applaud those who call Ms. Kathy” really! I can’t bear it more.


It’s enough for me. She contracted with a celebrity voice doctor Sia.
Kathy closed a beautiful video while practicing her vocal cord. I am working hard to bring my voice back with the advice of a celebrity voice doctor. In a video she explained her difficulty in speaking. She said hi guys, there is an update for you. There have been three weeks passed of my surgery. But my voice is still hoarse and faint. Although I’m trying to make it right with a celebrity doctor Sia.


I’m practicing hard to bring my voice back. She said, the odd thing is that when I sing, my voice is fine as you are watching. Then she started singing with Sia’s Chandelier in the real way. And she pins the camera to one side. Indeed, she wants to show what sort of sound the real Sia was trying to making. In August she made a fun with her fans that she was trying to bring back her real voice with the help of a celebrity voice doctor.

Kathy revealed that, she can sing without any problem. I have tried Sia’s Chandelier a few
times. Indeed, I want to show that it was a pop star song. Now I’m quiet well and having no issue of anything.

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