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Katherine Berkery’s son, Jonathan, begged his father to see him

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The 30-year-old Jonathan Berkery is the love child of his famous father Tom Jones. Jonathon has been wandering the streets and living in a shelter in New Jersey. Recently, his father canceled two music shows due to a bacterial infection.

His condition did not allow him to perform in the shows, so he had to go to the hospital for treatment. As the lovechild of the music icon came to know about his father’s condition, he begged to let him come and see his father. He asked his 78-year-old father to let him visit before it was too late.

In an interview t The Sunday Mirror, Jonathan said candidly: ‘My father is not feeling well. He is growing old, but still, he is pushing himself too much. He should make his health, his priority.’

‘I tried to convince my father to let me see him since last year. I also went to my half-brother, Mark, and asked him to arrange a meeting for me. I waited for a long time to see my dad, but now I can’t wait anymore – I want to make my peace with my dad,’ the homeless  Jonathan added.

On Thursday, the famous musician tweeted about his health condition and the reason for postponing his shows in Stansted Park and Chester Racecourse. He wrote in the tweet: ‘

‘I am sorry for disappointing you my beloved fans. The bacterial infection trapped me, but hoping for a speedy recovery to see you all,’ Tom Jones explained the situation to his fans.

The statement said: ‘Sir Tom Jones is unable to perform tonight, as he is suffering from bacterial infection. He is in hospital and we are hoping for his condition to get better soon. He is extremely sorry to his audience and the organizers of the event for the inconvenience. He did not want to miss these shows at any cost, but his condition became worse.’

Sir Tom Jones has a net worth of $15 million, but his son is spending his life in a homeless shelter. His total income from a part-time job is $5.50 per hour, which only fulfills his necessities. He relies on commuters to drop their luggage into his guitar case and also displays a makeshift cardboard sign imploring ‘I need money.’

Katherine Berkery

Although his friends used to call him ‘Jon Jones’ in tribute to his father, he never met his famous dad. He made utmost efforts to get in touch with him. In June, he said while speaking to the ‘Mail on Sunday: ‘I just need my dad to recognize me, to accept me as his son. I don’t need anything else from his side.’

Initially, Tom did not accept him as his son, but a court-ordered paternity test in 1989 proved Jon’s father.

‘It is very tough to grow in the absence of a father. I missed him during my growing period. I never wanted anything except his love and attention. Whenever I go outside, people find a resemblance with my father and call me his younger version. I love to sing his songs and people appreciate it a lot.’

The Welsh superstar went to New York to enjoy a three-day fling with Katherine Berkery, resulting in the birth of Jon in October 1987.

Jon says: ‘He never wished me on my birthday or never sent a Christmas card. I used to send him emails, but he never responds to them. He ignored my calls and I had to live with his pictures all around.’

In 2008, Sir Tom accepted Jon as his child saying: ‘It was just a heat of the moment. I never planned to do it, but seduction – Ugh!’

These words were a cruel blow for Jon, who says: ‘If you are famous, it doesn’t mean that you have the right to hurt people along the way. Was it my choice to be born?’

He further said: ‘This rejection damaged my personality. I started drinking alcohol and taking drugs at the age of 13. I always tried to avoid girls or to form a relationship.’

‘All I want is the chance to get his time, love, and attention. I swear I don’t need anything except his love.’

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