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An Interview took place on Tuesday, in this Interview Guy Pearce discussed seriously about his married life.  Andrew Denton was taking interviewe. Guy Pearce told to Andrew Denton  he has been married for 18 years and now after spending 18 years with him his wife Kate mestitz decided to end-up their 18-year marriage.


Guy Pearce’s ex-wife name is Kate Mestitz who has a beautiful figure.Guy pearce told his painful story during this interview he told I wanted to save my relationship because I loved Kate a lot. I struggled last couple of years to protect this relation but at last I gave up, but she succeeded in her decision.

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This will be really shocked news for their fans. In 2015 when word spread that he divorced the Kate mestitz so, the people assume he cheated on Kate they abused the Guy a lot and said bad things.



The former neighbours star revealed People thought Guy Pearce is a bastard man. He break down his previous marriage, because he had already a girlfriend who is famous with the name of Carice van Houten. The people assumed he nurtured his love and ignord his previous relationship. The people were feeling sadden  that he had lost his esteemed wife. The  Guy Pearse expressed sorrow to know that the people of his around are spreading rumor news about him.



Guy said it was a very heartbroken for me when I’ve got people coming up to me saying Guy is a bastard man he cheated his first wife and marry with Carice. They said you are not a man of your word you cheated the Kate and married with Carice and pregnant her. Carice has a baby in her belly who belong to you. You are about to become the father of her child.



Prisilla, Queen of the Desert star testified that it is a fake news about Guy she admitted that Kate left her first because she was disgusted with this relationship and wanted freedom. When she had left, the Guy Pearse was blinded by her grief.

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The Guy wants to make his fans realized that he loved Kate very much. Guy shared with the viewers he realized after leaving that he had a lot of respect in his heart for Kate mestitz. The memory of her Haunted me, after she left. You all of assure me that I never wanted to lose her.He almost said this in a tearful manner.


Guy Pearse also told the Kate that you know how much I love you for last 18 years until and I m afraid of losing you my sweetheart. His reflection revealed that he has a lot of respect and love for Kate to this day.


Guy shared his love story with their fans. He said we were only 12 years old when we met first time. He said as a child, we made friends. “I still remember th first words of the Kate”, he said difficulty.


Guy Pearse shared a past memory when Kate mestitz and he met in a High school. Guy said I don’t remember how this friendship turned into a love affair. Guy and Kate pictured at Regent Showcase Theatre in Los Angeles, California in 2001.

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After falling in love with Kate I married to her which lasted for 18 years.Guy told I want to assure you that I nurtured my love like a child, but unfortunately I still it lost.


I suffered in Kate’s separation, then Game Of Thrones star Carice van Houten came to my life and I Admitted I fell in love.


The Memento actor also reveals now Mr Guy is expecting a baby boy from his new wife.

According to Guy the joy of being a father is the greatest joy in the world.

Guy shared his picture with his family and admitted “ My on freed me from all grief”.

Doting father: Carise and Guy welcomed a baby boy named Monte together last year (pictured)

Guy said that my new wife came into my life she gave me a handsome boy and filled my life with colors. They named their new child Monte.

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