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Kai Cole the previous wife of Jos Whedon wrote an essay on him.

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Joe Whedn’s ex-wife Kai Cole wrote an article on him. In her essay, she addressed him “hypocritical feminist theorist.”Architect and producer Cole said that writer and director Whedon was her husband. He had cheated on me several times. We were in a relationship for 16 years. During this period of time, he hurt me several times. She wrote in The Rape  published on Sunday.

Joss used his relationship with me as a barrier. It was because; none will be able to raise questions about his relationship with others. None will analyze his relationship except feminists. She wrote blogger as a guest.

One of his spokesperson said, he would not say anything return to his ex-wife. Joss would not like the disgrace of his children and his ex-wife. A spokesman told the Daily Mail come.
Cole wrote her article in a Sunday blog in which she exposes her ex-husband nature. There were lots of immoral allegations in her article.

Kai Cole

It was a great humiliation for the director. The article was challenging for his fame. Cole
referred that he suggested to turn Buffy the Vampire Slayer a TV show. Here, his first
allegedly affair took place. She wrote that, on the set where Joss decided to have first secret relationship.

This irrelevant relationship hurt her a lot. No wife can accept her husband’s affair with other women. She wrote everything in her deepest pain with her husband.
Cole further said, Joss has accepted about his illegal relationships. Joss admitted that he was in relations with a different actress. He also admitted of his relations with co-workers, fans and friends. Although, he  married to me.

He talked about his many inappropriate emotional issues. Joss kept these relationships almost fifteen years after marriage. His wife was very upset and angry by his immoral relations. Cole said, he was the person who gave opinion to change Buffy the Vampire Slayer in a TV show in 2003.

Cole says her husband sent me a letter. She says he wrote the reason of his relationships with other females. In his letter he wrote about extramarital relationship. He said these affair took place because I was surrounded by beautiful young, needy and aggressive girls.
Joss said, I think, I have a disease something of a Greek myth. Suddenly he said, I’m a
powerful director and the world depend upon me. I don’t want to touch it.
Cole claimed while reading his letter.

Kai Cole

Whedon is known as a famous feminist icon. He introduced many strong characters in his TV shows and films. His best movie includes Buffet, Firefly, Doll House and The Avengers.
In these movies he uncovered the hidden talent and introduced many new faces.
Cole wrote, despite of feeling that I was doing wrong everything. He never realized that
hypocrisy will take him away from the world to spread feminist ideas.

At that time he gave up the right of my choice. Me and my life are based on reality and truth. She said he had been cheated on me for 15 years. It’s because he had everything he desired for. Cole describes that I am suffering through a complex PTSD. That was diagnosing. But I am ready to reveal his reality. Being his wife, I know him more than other women. In fact, he has dual faces. He is not the same as he pretends to be.
I want to tell the people who worship him that he is a human being not Good. I want to clear for those organizations that award him for his feminist work. They must think about it again before honoring him in the future that he really deserves these type of awards. A person who doesn’t follow his own preaching.

In May, it was seen hat Whedon had quietly filed for divorce to Cole on December 6, 2012.
According to US Weekly, they have separated on April 20, 2012.
Cole and Whedon have two children, Arden Avery, 14, and Squire Anne lee, 12

Kai Cole

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