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Joleen Diaz

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A mother who is known as Joleen Diaz revealed her secret on social media. She told, I have a daughter of 19 years old and there is a difference of 23 years old between us. She further told our social media followers considered us sisters.

Both the mother and daughter have a lot of love between them. Joleen Diaz has 43 years of age and her cute daughter has only 19 years of age. Both mother and daughter have a close relationship between them. They spend their most of time with each other. They seem like sisters. They spend their most time together so spending so much time together may cause confusion.

The mother who is single, has revealed her beauty tips. Joleen Diaz said she wants to look young like her daughter so she adopted good old-fashioned clean living. Joleen Diaz has shared her lifestyle, she told She looked no spring chicken more if she doesn’t care herself.

Joleen Diaz

Joleen Diaz said I have always lived active lifestyle. She said a sedentary lifestyle can makes me fat, so I do walk and eat a balanced, healthy life. The mother further told I take a rest a lot. I also drink alcohol rarely.

The youthful mother, whose beauty is talks all around the world told, I loved looking young, so I started caring for myself at the age of twelve. She believes that a person can look half age by caring himself.

They shared their photo on social media the mother left and the daughter (right) both are considered to be a sister, due to Joleen’s youthful appearance.

They said they do their day to day activities together and enjoying a lot. They feel very happy with each other. Once Joleen Diaz visits her mother and shared a photo with her.

Elementary teacher Joleen said: I always do my shopping with   my daughter. We do travel work out and all other activities together, even when we are at home we lay on the couch and do fun.

Joleen Diaz

Joleen Diaz wrote, when people thoughts us sister we do not take offense this is because of our closeness. Joleen explained I don’t think my daughter think it strange because she is hearing this from her childhood that people considered her as her sister. Joleen shared a strange thing about her, she told I was quite young when bless me a pretty baby girl she said. Joleen Diaz does not think her daughter minds that strangers think they are siblings.

She also told a funny thing she told when I was round about 12 years old I was fond of make-up products when my mom used to buy her beauty products for herself she would to hide them and use them secretly.  Joleen Diaz had a habit of keeping her skin clean since her childhood. She said I have an old habit before going to bed I wash my face regularly with a brand face wash.

Having good skin gives me confidence. “I always wanted to look younger”, she said.

After much insistence of the fans she revealed her beauty secret.” I always avoid going out in the sun too much and always use healthy diet” she said.

Joleen Diaz says I don’t worry too much about life because worrying would make my beauty rusty. I always wanted to look pretty young myself so I stopped thinking about my past life.

Joleen Diaz

Being lonely, my daughter was a great support to me. We both share our sorrows and happiness with each other. My daughter and I like to swim a lot she said. It assumes like swimming is our hobby. Whenever we feel bored, we go to the club and enjoying there a lot.They also shared their beautiful and charming photo with their fans on social media.Their fans like them a lot. Their hype spread on social media.

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