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Jussie Smollett’s brother says all the allegations are ridiculous and he is passing through night terrors. While defending his star brother by saying all these allegations about him are ridiculous and the Empire actor is suffering with alleged attack and terrors. Jojo Smollett says within three months life of all my siblings turned and he is bearing unusual attacks on his career and fame. Due to many leaks by police kicked off an investigation by Chicago police. This made Jussie as a criminal in public opinion before appearing in court.



Jojo spoke in favor of his brother that all allegations against him are ridiculous. Jojo Smollett and Jussie pictured with Obama. He says that his sibling’s life has changed in three months. Jussie left the courthouse and in March, his prosecutor denied all cases against him and he rejoined his fans and followers. There was an accused of staging attacks on him when he tried to enhance the show on 29 January. According to police, he paid to Abel and Ola Osundairo for beating him and exposed this blame on Trump’s lovers. They said, he was trying to prove his innocence and insisted that they attacked him.



Jojo said, he had seen my brother awaking by nightmare citing night terror. It’s a baseless to say that he paid for the attack on him just to progress his sagging career. His brother Jojo mentioned, I have seen him as violently awaking after the night attack and the rest of my siblings and Jussie’s close friends have also seen the same things. Indeed, I’m not feeling sorry for my brother. I  told everything true about him because I have seen with my own eyes. Such types of allegations can’t reduce his fans and followers because he has humanity, grace and talent.

JoJo Smollett


Jussie enjoyed his time in Hawaii with his family after clearing allegations against him. Jazz and Journee both sisters helped his brother in all time of his trial but didn’t appear in court like his brothers. He said, two supporters of Trump’s beat him and strangled him. They poured bleach on me and raised slogans: This is MAGA country. It was all that he told police, including they put unknown chemical while shouting. According to investigators, Jussie paid 3500 dollars to Abel and Ola Osundairo for attacking him.



Jussie condemned this and said, I am a loving son, brother as well as friend. He did not call police after attack because he didn’t want a most unnecessary attention of people. If he wanted to boost his career then why he didn’t open publicly his incident. Last month, State’s attorney Kim Foxx’s office finished this case unexpectedly and questions are raised about Fox’s alleged role. Fox’s office denied these questions and said, it was an open investigation about him and Jussie was innocent in this trailer.


Police arrested Smollett in February for lying about the attack. The Fox office sent thousands of messages and mails to overcome the criticism of the trial in this week.


JoJo Smollett brother

JoJo Smollett

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