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joh’vonnie jackson exposed that the Jackson family kept me away

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Michael Jackson’s step-sister has exposed that the Jackson family kept me away. She spent most of his life away from the family. King of Pop humiliated me.

In her interview with the DailyMail, JohVonnie Jackson said my mother was a girlfriend of a member of Jackson’s family named Joe. Mother was the secret lover of Jackson’s family patron Joe. She said they kept me away from their famous tribe as I was not a family member.

Describing in detail of his new book “Bastard Child”. She claimed that my elder siblings
mentally abused me. They unfeelingly snatched away at music concerts and family gatherings. Joh’Vonnie was born one day later than Jackson’s 16th birthday. Michael Jackson’s 16th birthday. It was the result of a 25 year relationship of Joe Jackson with my mom “Cheryl Terrell”.

She is still living with her father. He tried to infuse me into Jackson’s family.
Despite of her best efforts, the 43-year-old Joh’Vonnie could not be the part of the family. She wanted to join family, but they rejected her to accept.

She pastes a picture in which she was sitting in her father’s lap who was Joe Jackson. She met with her famous siblings when her dad Joe uncovered this fact.
He told his family that I had already another daughter who was Joh’Vonnie. Her siblings were: Rebbie, Randy, LaToya, Michael, Jackie, Marlon, Janet, and Tito Jackson. She said that I had already seen them on TV.

joh'vonnie jackson

I was aware of them. I had listed their music on screen. But it was painful for keeping me away from years. I was unable to be the part of that family. She argued.
At last, Joe Jackson breaks the secret and claimed Vonnie was her daughter. But Jackson
She said, I have met with every single sibling, but none of them accepted me. They rejected me for some reasons.

They never came close to me. When I was around them. They used to show love and care. But,when I went from there. None of them asked me where are you and how is your daughter. My expectations could not fulfill. I still feel the sense of rejection. It is really hurtful.

She said, when my mom died in 2014. The Only person who called me was their mother Katharine. From siblings only Rebbie who made a phone call at me. She really cares me than all.After that I called my brother ‘Jermaine’. I told him the mother had died. He was shocked and said I was about to call you. It was a sign to receive the sympathy of all. As far as my mind is concerned, everyone would kiss and hug me.

Surprisingly, Joh’Vonnie and the rest of the family have been so far from childhood. That is why,she could not meet her older brother Michael until 29 years.They met in 2003 on Michael’s Newland farm. Jackson’s entire tribe had gathered for a family reunion at the farm.
But when she came before of her superstar brother. He got cold and his ruthless attitude
disappeared her enthusiasm. I lived with my 23 years old daughter ‘Yasmine’ in Las Vegas.

We lived a few miles from dad Joe. We went to visit him at least once in a week. When I met with my brother Michael .He started at me and said hi!. He gets cold and start looking her. ‘ Jackson said “Hi Jasmine” and I said, “No, Michael, her name is Yasmine with a Y,” I corrected him.

Then he said ok ‘Yasmine’ He never kissed me. Never hugged me. There has been never body contact. In fact, he never shook hands with me. I wanted to embrace him. I thought that, he would like to sit with me in a peaceful place. He would like to talk with me and ask about my life.

But it never happened. Michael was never interested in her.
With my daughter, Michael was totally different. He hugged and kissed her. This meeting held outside the theater. There was a crowd of people. Vonnie stayed with her cousin at hotel in California. Rather than to staying at Michael’s farm.

Next morning, She went to Neverland to visit her brother with new hope.
But she didn’t see him because he was in the main house. Yasmine was playing with Paris. Paris was Michael’s daughter. She was such a sweet baby.

Then I sat with the family. Jermaine and Rebbie companied her. But the rest of the family did not talk with her. Michael never tried to talk to her and Yasmin He left without saying goodbye. Janet met with her step sister Vonnie but never wish to have a relationship with her ,Said Vonnie.

The most worst thing was that the school bullies used to taunt her by Jackson’s name.
But in fact Jackson refused to have any relationship with me.
They used to beat me every day because of Jackson’s sister. My childhood was very bad. I was blue like Jackson and other siblings.

Joh’Vonnie said I was angry with my parents because I never wished to come here. The
people related to Jackson said. Jackson didn’t like her father because of Joh’Vonnie.
He said his father Joe prefers Joh’Vonnie over me and other siblings. Joh’Vonnie and her mother lived just five miles away from Jackson’s house.

Mostly,Joe used to come with gifts for Vonnie to amuse her. It got worse when Michael’s
parents ended update living apart. Joh’Vonnie moved to Las Vegas in the early 20’s along Joe. Katherine Jackson, who has been married to Joe since 1949. She was known of this affair with Joh’Vonnie’s mother. Which began in 1970. But her devotion to the faith of Jehovah’s Witnessesforgave Joh’Vonnie and accepted her. But her siblings did not.

There they started to work at the airport as a luggage handler after separation with Jackson.

It was really annoying for Michael He blew the cracks out again. In Vonnie’s Bastard child
book, she revealed how his siblings hurt her throughout her childhood.
She expressed her helplessness in her book. Last time in 1999, I tried to speak him on the phone.

When Jackson called her mother Katharine, who was with his father in Los Vegas.
She jumped up during construction on call and said, let me speak with me. Joh’Vonnie has
tried over the years to reach her other eight siblings. They were included Janet, LaToya, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon, Randy and Rebbie. Rebbie her older sister. She was very sweet with her. “Rabbi was staying tuned with guidance and love,” she said.

You can visit her house and feel her love. She is so cute. She and I are so close to each other.My other sisters are not so. I met with Janet when I was fifteen years old. I saw her once and it was cleared. Janet never wanted to have a relationship with me. I didn’t really understand the reason.

‘She was looking to me and checking me. No sooner did she hear me say’ Daddy ‘to Joseph then she switched off. She went back and never spoke again. Joh’Vonnie was proud of her famous older sister Rebbie. She remembered to go to many concerts of Janet and Michael.

“Through my father, I used to get tickets to all the concerts,” She said.
I was amazed at Michael’s talent. I remembered  thinking like a little girl, ‘He looked at me, he looked at me.’

“I used to go to visit them back on stage. But I could never talk to them. It was frustrating.
I didn’t even have an access to Jackson’s phone number. I didn’t want to know my father’s stuff. Through the past years Joh’Vonnie had various meetings with some of her rest of the siblings. She said, I used to look Tito, but he never paid his attention on her.

While talking about the rift of her family, she said. I always loved and care for my siblings. It didn’t matter, what did they do with me. It was unconditional for me.
The door of heart and home is always open for them. They can phone me. On need,they can take anything from me.

It will be good for to help them. But I can feel they have included the distance for me. I can realize the rejection. For Jackson’s family,I was not an unknown person .They lived in Encino. Along my father Joe, I had visited this home many times.
Jackson was friendly with Matriarch Katharine. He used to call her mother like the other
siblings. But he hurt a lot when she left Jackson and went with her husband Joe.
They settled in Los Vegas with Vonnie.

I would go for shopping at an apartment. There I will be able to see LaToya in the apartment. May could not visit her. Because I know she would not like to talk with me.
I didn’t desire such behavior with me. I have never wished such problems with me. But
everything happened that I didn’t wish for.

In the book ‘ Grown up in the Jackson Family’ written by LaToya. The singer writes in her book that mother Katharine called Joh’Vonnie the bastard child. This is the title of Joh’Vonnie book now.

LaToya wants to create a problem for me. She has dramatic nature. She wants to spoil my
relationship with my mother. Her plan to create difficulties in relationship with my mom.
But ,I met with Katherine and didn’t see her to say something like that. Infact , she is really a great woman. She was very sweet and cool to me.

It’s unbelievable how did she remained with a person who was cheated on her. How did she bear the pain of her husband’s affair with another woman. She not only bear the pain of his affair, but also a child from another woman.

It is not possible for a woman to share her husband with another woman. She let me live in her house with my daughter without any rent.
I used to work to support my daughter. Sometimes, when she was not at home, I looked after her home.

We used to cook together and conversed together while cooking. She felt peace in the presence of Rebbie and Tito. She was not comfortable with other siblings. I don’t like to have Christmas dinner with them. I am not ready to cook German chocolate cake and peach cobbler for them. Jermaine desires that I do these things for him, but I don’t.
I live with my 23 years old daughter Yasmine. I work in the timeshare industry. Yasmine studies to be a future nurse.

We live just a few miles from dad Joe. Almost every week, we visit him. She lost her weight from 320 lbs to 180 lbs and came into  better form. The biggest regret of my life is that, I could not develop a meaningful relationship with big brother before his death. He died due to take heavy doses of drugs in June 25, 2009. I mourn the loss of a relationship that never initiate,” she says. It was a time to say the things I had for years. I could stop the Jackson for those things that he was doing.

I won’t continue to beat myself up about it because he wasn’t mine. These wares, those decisions that he made. Joh’Vonnie writes about her ‘journey’ as an outsider of the Jackson family. In his new book ‘Bastard Child’, which is currently on the shelf.
“I wanted to write a book. Because I wanted to tell my story. I wanted to tell you what happened to my life,” she says. In her tearful story, she revealed the things that happened to her.

She wrote everything about her life throughout childhood. She told about the siblings and king of Pop. She told me about their behavior. At the end she closed her book with these words.”A lot of people have these assumptions about different things”.

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