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Joe Biden welcomed six of his grandchild, Navy Joan Roberts, on stage

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Hunter Biden has a two-year-old daughter, Navy Joan Roberts, with tripper Lunden Roberts, but he shamefully denied her as his daughter. The two-year-old adorable girl was growing up behind a veil of secrecy because his father didn’t want to claim her as his own. The happy and adorable little girl was living in rural Arkansas with her mother, Lunden Roberts, and her mother’s family.

On Saturday, Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election. He announced the big news to the world and also invited six of his grandchildren on stage. But on this great day, the seventh was missing from the smiling ranks of America’s next First Family.

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The seventh child is Navy Joan Roberts – the adorable daughter of Hunter with stripper Lunden Roberts. The child’s name, age, gender, and location remained a secret for a long time, but now DailyMail.com reveals all this information.

Navy Joan is happily living with a large and loving family of her mother. She is unaware of her proximity to the caustic world of US politics, which is a blessing for her. Navy Joan lived behind a veil of secrecy, but on turning two in August, Robert’s sister Randi Jo posted a rare photo of Navy Joan on Facebook. Randi Jo turned away the face of Navy Joan from the camera to protect her anonymity. She also gave hints about her niece’s extraordinary lineage.

She wrote the caption: ‘Sky is the same for everyone, but we don’t all have the same horizon. Your aunt Remi and your mama both love you more than you’ll ever know.’

The 50-year-old Hunter settled the paternity case with his daughter’s mother for an undisclosed figure in March – rumored to be within the region of $2.5 million – but a DNA test proved he was the Navy Joan’s biological and legal father.

Robert’s court files clear the fact that Hunter has never met her daughter and has never seen her photo. She further said that the recovering drug addict ‘could not identify the child out of a photo lineup’.

Navy Joan’s family never discussed her in public, so nobody was familiar with her face. But Randi Jo uploaded her pictures on Facebook when she turned two in August. After their meeting at the Mpire Club, a strip joint in Washington, D.C, Roberts’ attorney Clint Lancaster said that Hunter’s snub would diminish the growth of the sweet youngster.

‘Ms. Roberts is well and I can confirm it. The baby girl is healthy, safe, loved, and adored. Navy Joan is very happy with her mother because she is doing her best for her child.’

Hunter was absent for much of the 2020 race, but reappeared on Saturday night to celebrate his father’s success. When he took to the stage to celebrate his 77-year-old father’s victory, he was carrying his seven-month-old boy – Hunter’s fifth child – with his wife Melissa. He named his boy ‘Beau’ in honor of his brother. His brother died from brain cancer in 2015.

Joe Biden, his wife Jill, Hunter Biden, and Hunter’s wife Melissa all were standing on the stage to capture that great moment.See the source image

Hunter divorced his first wife, Kathleen, after 22 years of marriage. He has three children, Naomi, Maisy, and Finnegan with his first wife. Hunter also had a relationship with his brother’s wife. Hallie was the wife of his late brother Beau.

Beau’s children, Natalie, and Robert Hunter Biden II also joined the other family members on the stage, including Joe’s wife Jill Biden, Ashley, and her husband Howard Krein.

Dailymail.com requested Biden’s campaign spokesman to comment on if the president-elect acknowledged his seventh grandchild, but he didn’t respond to their request.

A private investigator said about the Hunter- Roberts settlement that it contained no promises about extra security. He added there is no promise of further engagement between Navy Joan and the Bidens. Dominic Casey told DailyMail.com that he forced Roberts to initiate the settlement talks by providing information about Hunter’s finances. All this discussion ended with Roberts receiving $2.5 million.

‘The baby girl is going to get nothing more. Joe’s family and even the Navy’s father Hunter do not recognize her as his blood. The only proof we have is the DNA result. Her father doesn’t even bother to come to see his daughter and it is despicable.’

Navy Joan is living with her mama, Roberts, in a four-bed-cabin-style home with the family of her mama. The blue color family has their home on five acres of secluded farmland. Grandpa Rob is 58-year-old and owns a successful gun customization business. The 57-year-old Rob’s wife also helps her husband in his work.

Roberts bought a newlynew build a three-bed family home for her baby girl for under $200,000 after getting the first chunk of her settlement. She took help from a construction company to put the finishing touches on the property before moving in.

Navy Joan’s existence remained a secret until her mother filed for paternity and child support in May 2019. She filed the case just days after Hunter had married his second wife Melissa. Hunter and Melissa dated for just six days and decided to tie the knots.

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