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Joanna Krupa married with Douglas Nunes a business in Krakow

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Joanna Krupa married her fiance in Krakow. Douglas is a businessman. They married after the announcement of their engagement five months ago. The supermodel of 39 years old arrives at the venue for her big day on Saturday. People saw her outside the venue. They were in Poland city with their families.


Joanna married Romain Zago. After marriage, they were not comfortable with each other. Then they separated from each other. Joanna married  a businessman Douglas after one year of divorce from her ex-husband Romain Zago. She was in an elegant fishtail white gown at the time of the wedding.


At the time of the wedding, she wore a white stylish dress. She was in a fishtail white gown. Joanna floated her detailed wedding band that matched her engagement ring. Marta was the sister of the newly married girl. She was the bridesmaid of Joanna. Douglas was looking superb in blue suit when he joined her new wife at wedding place. The other people of families were there. Joanna’s sister Marta was also there at the time of the wedding.



The couple went for unconditional existing the venue. They rode off on a golf cart for fun. She posted her video of fun with her husband on social media. In 2013, she was with her ex-husband Romain Zago but she was looking extraordinary with her new husband.
Joanna and Douglas pictured with Marta the sister of Joanna. She worked as bridesmaid for her sister. Now, she was dead tired and she visited the comfortable trainers to get some relief.


She brought a shiny silver colored bracelet matching with her wedding band and her gorgeous and elegant dress. Everything thing was looking perfect and fantastic because of matching. This was well planned marriage that achieved perfection.


Joanna Krupa married with Douglas Nunes


The off-shoulder style shirt o highlighted her flawless décolletage. She tied her blonde hair
beautifully. Her gorgeous gown added her beauty. Joanna was a vision, there because she was with her luggage. There was a chair and a body bag in her luggage. She was carrying it. Joanna is a social media activist. She shared photos with her husband Douglas in church.


The caption was, I wanted to do it and I have done it. It is very confidential and small family gathering there. I just share this photo to the people whom I love more.
She was arriving at the venue with her family. There was not a big gathering and she was seen while leaving the vehicle to reach the venue. Joanna was wearing off the shoulder V-neck gown.


The beauty queen born in Warsaw. Her hair was looking gorgeous and she designed them nicely. The entry was really dramatic in her white sleek gown.
She mentioned a comment of her engagement on social media with the businessman Douglas Nunes. Joanna shares a picture of her engagement ring on her Instagram account in March. After five years later they married.


Joanna Krupa married with Douglas Nunes


She shared a picture that was taken inside the church when she was exchanging of vows. There, she said it’s a private marriage with a small gathering of people. Joanna said there were only family people there at the venue of marriage. After that she shares her photographs to the people who were very close to her.


The couple shares a pic from inside the car after marriage. Joanna shared a pic of her lovely bouquet of pink and cream color. Marta was the bridesmaid of Joanna one year ago was looking in nude beaded short dress for the event. This wedding of Joanna was more comfortable than that of her last at California suarez.


The guest liked her golf cart riding and excitement with her husband. There was a great fun with family and friends specially with her husband. She shared her funny video on social media.

The representative of Joanna told the news of her engagement to Mailonline and said it enough for that time. She shares a pic with caption on social media that another weekend in Krupa in Nunes house.


Joanna Krupa married with Douglas Nunes


In 2017 she finalized divorce from Domain Zago. The caption came close to her when she
tagged it with Unknown Nunes. Within one year they developed their relationship strong
enough. Her family and friends help her to exit the vehicle while arriving for the ceremony. She exhibited her tight shoulder off gown wore on a model physique.


Last year in October, she hinted that she is still single while taking with US Weekly. She said my wedding has finished and I’m alone now. I am paying my whole attention on my work now. Joanna said I was in deep pain after separation with Domain Zago. My heart has broken badly and my body become feeling less. My days were like night, everywhere was dark for me.


Joanna Krupa married with Douglas NunesJoanna Krupa married with Douglas Nunes


It was not easy for me to absorb the pain of separation. While talking with In Touch, she said I was becoming blindsided due to cry constantly. I spent many sleepless nights in crying after divorce. This Christmas was not good for me. None can imagine how did I stable herself. She said, it seemed my life has entered into block street.


I was sure that my life has turned down. It seemed I was at the end of a dark tunnel and couldn’t seek light. I cried and cried. During this hard period I have lost about 7 pounds of my weight. Joanna said my sister Marta was his wife before me. I married with her husband after finalizing the divorce. But this could not stay alive for a long time. We separated and now I’m going to marry with marrying with Douglas. A new chapter of my life has opened now.


Joanna Krupa married with Douglas Nunes


After breaking the first marriage, I wanted to travel more and I wanted to focus my attention on just my work. While talking to the Daily Mail. Com she said, we are good friends now. I have best wishes for him. Although we have separated and we lived ten years together. That is why I respect those years that we spent together. I’m happy that Domain Zago is helping me out and we talked more than previously. He is with me.


It’s good that we are in contact with each other.  My wish he always be happy. Joanna said I am very thankful to Domain Zago for favoring me. And I respect for those ten years that we spent together.

She said we are still good friend and now. We did not change more.
Joanna’s fiance kept the secret of her engagement after confirmation. But it was revealed in her social media post.

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