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Jimmy Kimmel’s audience booed Mila Kunis several times, but she handled it well each time.

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In order to promote her most recent movie, Luckiest Girl Alive, actor Mila Kunis made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last week. The Brooklyn location where the show was being recorded had an especially boisterous audience.

Jimmy remarked, “You appear like you could be a New Yorker, but you’re not a New Yorker,” after she shared a comical anecdote about a wardrobe accident in which she was forced to wear children’s leggings that had been trimmed to form underwear because she had forgotten her own. Unexpectedly, someone began to BOO her:

Mila did an excellent job of handling this by making a joke. Mila described her birth in Ukraine. She continued by describing how, after arriving in the US, she travelled to Queens, New York, where she had her first burger and Coca-Cola.

Did you eat pizza for the first time in New York, Jimmy questioned her. The audience then continued to jeer Mila as she addressed them.

“No, I didn’t eat pizza in New York, but my dad did deliver it when I was a kid, but to Los Angeles. LA serves excellent pizza, guys!” The crowd then started to jeer once more.

“I tell you what! Children’s underwear is what I’m wearing for you “The audience laughed as Mila addressed them. Mila remarked, “There’s more to this narrative just to get another boo. The pizza was from Domino’s. More booing followed this.

The performer then admitted that she genuinely HATES pizza, which, as you may have anticipated, earned her additional jeers.

However, Mila eventually won them over with her quips and by sharing a few tequila sips with Guillermo.

People praised Mila for her ability to win over the jaded New York audience.

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