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Jill Dodd wants to spend a luxury life .

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In the Interview the beautiful and active lady Jill Dodd, explained she I am living  with a billionaire man whose name is Adnan Khashoggi. It was Sunday night when the Jill Dodd lifted the veil on her life.

She was speaking on the Channal Nine’s 60 Minutes. The Jill Dodd, who is the former vogue cover model has revealed her personal life.The Jill Dodd expressed she was living a happy life with the world’s richest man Adnan Khashoggi.

He was a notorious billionaire the world’s richest man in Saudi Arabia. Adnan Khashoggi is  a big arms dealer of Saudi Arabia.

The Ms Dodd veils her life and shares her story to her followers through Nine’s 60 minutes Channal, she shared I was married with the richest man Adnan Khashoggi. She said I met Khashoggi at a party he attract to me and proposed me. I was happy to see him, he wants to make his relationship with me he was crazy.

According to the source Jill Dodd was a ‘naïve’ 21-year-old model.

When my crazy lover saw me at a party he wrote on his arm in blood to propose me.

He comes to me and pulled up my sleeve and said I love you so much, she said I was shocked to see the blood. A wave of horror runs to me. Later, I thought he was kidding I thought it was really funny.

A  Breaking news, The Khashoggi’s was already married and has five children when he met Ms Dodd. He said I can do justice with my two wives. He further if I have 12 wives I could do justice with them because I have all the luxury of life to give them.

Breaking news for the followers of Adnan Khashoggi at least the model accepts the proposal and became the member of  Khashoggi’s family.

She comments I wanted to spend my luxurious life so I accepted the proposal of Khashoggi.

Jill Dodd family

After tied to knot to Khashoggi she starts  living in lavish suites in Saudi Arabia.

The billionaire arms dealer expressed, he has a taking sex with The Jill Dodd, who is the former vogue cover model.

]‘The model said I thanked to Khashoggi, who gives me such a luxury life.

The model said I want to defend the legitimacy of my relationship because Khashoggi gave me a luxury life.

Ms Dodd shared a picture on her social media in which her followers see her with Khashoggi.

She said, the people think me as a hooker, but I never thought of myself as a hooker.

Ms Dodd revealed the business tycoon wants to make a contract with me so the  tycoon made her sign a contract before they started a relationship.

The business man asked me, I wanted to take care of you, I want you will remain with me  24 hours a day , I want to sign a five year contract with you.

She accepted.

‘I never thought of myself as a hooker, I still don’t think that,’ Ms Dodd (pictured) said

Khashoggi shared a picture who is  Saudi Arabian’s businessman and has made billions dealing arms on the international market .

Khashoggi and Dodd attend the lavish parties with politicians they also shared the pictures on social media.

They start sharing drug-fuelled evenings together.

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