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Jessica Origliasso posing with his girlfriend and her mother Katia Langenhiem

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Jessica Origliasso is in a relationship with Ruby Rose and he is posing with her and her mother Katia Langenheim on the red carpet. On the red carpet, Origliasso was rushing toward his gorgeous partner Ruby Rose. This week, the slim actress rekindled her fans’ weight concern by showing her slim and smart body. She flashed her thin body physique at Sydney’s ARIAs and Pitch Perfect 3 premieres and she exposed her thin body to rekindle the heavy-weighted fans.

Ruby Rose hit back at the people who criticized her about her weight, she appeared on the red carpet with her boyfriend and mother on Thursday. While talking about the glam movie premiere of her girlfriend, Ruby Rose that is coming on Wednesday night, the Veronica singer praised his girlfriend by saying ‘she was looking so

Jessica Origliasso glared at his girlfriend while spotted with her at the premiere of Pitch Perfect 3. He was looking toward his partner Ruby Rose when her fans were criticizing her about her slim body. Her fans were criticizing her for being too thin. The Veronica singer has been dating the slim actress Ruby Rose since November. He was posing with Ruby Rose and her mother Katia Langenheim on the red carpet.

Further, he said that Ruby’s solid determination and hard work made her so popular among the people, her beautiful thoughts made her all dreams came true and she inspired me with her firm courage. The singer said to her partner ‘You did not need to flash her body because God made you perfect’.

Jessica Origliasso

Jessica Origliasso said you are naturally shining. He has been dating her since November last year and he was spotted on the red carpet with her and her mother Katia Langenheim. They all were posing on the red carpet with each other. Ruby added a statement on her shiny strapless number while pointing out her large body art. However, the star of ‘The Orange by the New Black Star’ was looking neutral to the criticism of her fans about her slim body, they continued to express her body debate on social media.

Another fan added that you are so sick and I am praying for you. I hope you will get it soon. There was another comment on her pic concerning her weight in which someone said that the person tells you the truth who loves you. One of her fans simply asked what happened with her. On Tuesday night, there was a trending topic related to her weight, adding hundreds of comments to her weight. Different people mentioned different comments about her body physique.

However, there was a great debate on her weight this week when she was appearing on the stage of the AIRA award ceremony with her mother. The star of ‘The Resident Evil’ criticized the report in NW Magazine related to her weight in which it was claimed that her slim body has many health issues.

Los Angeles-based nutritionist Lisa De Fazio said, her weight is about 44 kg, which is less than her body index. According to her height of 5.7 feet, her weight should be 61kg recommended by the nutritionist. After all the debate about her weight on social media, she strongly behaved and called these tweets ridiculous. One of her fans replied to her offended response by saying ‘You are caring and the star doesn’t react like you. Ruby Rose strongly reacted to the comment of nutritionist Lisa De Fazio about her weight.

Jessica Origliasso

Jessica Origliasso

Jessica Origliasso

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