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Jessica Marais Wants To Protect Her Daughter From Social Media’s bad Effects.

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Jessica Marais gives birth to a baby daughter who is six years old. Jessica Marais said, my daughter growing up in the age of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Jessica said it’s an era of the internet. She shares, that today’s generation growing up in the age of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Jessica Marais twitted that children nowadays are well aware of how to use social media accounts. She expressed her concerns for her six years old daughter Scout who grew up in the age of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Jessica Marais said in an interview on Monday. I am worried about the dark side of social media. She said all we know is how it affects the younger women. TV Week Up shared her story on its channel.

In the Interview Jessica Marisa said, I am worried about my little princess Scout who is now 6 years old. How she is growing up, she is becoming a reason to worry. I am worried in terms of knowing how I protect my daughter. The actress Jessica Marisa is a 33 years old actress who has a daughter Scout.

The Actress said in a video I want to protect my daughter from social media effects. She said social media is having a devastating effect on our child’s life. The actress Jessica Marisa revealed she has recently enrolled her daughter in a school.

She said I worry for Scout I am confused about how to protect my daughter from the social media’s dark side. The Uk’s Mental Health Foundation said that today’s generation suffering from bad activities due to Social media. Jessica Marisa shared pictures of her six-year-old daughter.

jessica marais

The actress told the reason for her concerns in such a clear term, she said the Mental health organization warned of social media’s negative impact. They shared a picture in 2017. She said before to get the Logie award I went to Sydney Clinic in  Bronte because I want to deal with several urgent health issues.

The mother shares her worries with her ex-fiancee about her Co-parenting arrangement in the interview on TV Week. The actor James Stewart was her Ex- fiancee. They broke off their engagement in 2015.

According to the source, James is now dating his Summer Bay co-star Sarah Roberts, while Jessica is in a relationship with Sydney photographer Jake Holly. The couple shared their new life and they also shared their beautiful photos on their social media account.

Jessica explained how she is spending a beautiful and happy life with her new husband and with her little daughter Scout who is now six years old. She further explained  I want to protect my daughter from the bad effect of social media. She said my daughter starts going to school so my concern is now having increased.

Coming together: In the interview, the South African-born actress said, she is worried about her daughter’s good training and upbringing,  so she wants to reconcile with her ex James Stewart (above). She said  we could come together for the sake of their daughter

jessica marais

jessica marais

jessica marais

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