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jessica clendenin gave birth two sons together

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Outfielder Brett Gardner and his cute wife have two children together. The couple shared their family photos in which, their followers can see them with their two Childs. The outfielder said shared his good thoughts about his sons. He said, thanked God who blessed me a piece good news. The outfielder’s wife also shared her expression on her Instagram page.

It is shocking news for the outfielder Brett Gardner’s fans that the baseball player’s ‘future wife’ claimed he sends her sexual signals. According to NJ.com Gardner’s lawyer, 36, filed a plea in the Bronx civil court last week for a protection order against Jana Devasahem, according to NJ.com.

According to NJ.com the Yankees wants to protect the Deveshem ,so they are working are working to ban Devasahem from all THE MLB stadiums in an attempt to keep him away from the All-Star player and his family.

All the team members instruct to security guards, they do care and not give permission to come in Devasahayam through the gate of George M. Steinbrenner Field in Tampa

Gina Devasahayam claimed Yankees Star Brett Gardner sends her sexual signals. The Brett Gardner files restraining order and said to judge to keep away him and his family from all ballparks. NJ.com shared pictures in which the social media users look Brett Gardner left and  the Gina Devasahayam right .

Married Yankees star Brett Gardner (left) is seeking a restraining order against Gina Devasahayam. Brett Gardner has tied to knot with Jessica Clendening in September since 2007.

The happy couple posts their marriage pics on social media. Jessica Clendenin blessed her husband with two sons together.  It is a shocked news that Devasahayam has never  met Gardner, who claimed the Garner send her sexual signals to her.

It was a cold day of October  when there was a crowd of people in the stadium when the Devasahayam was kicked out of Yankee Stadium. Devasahayam says herself the founder of an anti-aging biotechnology company. Devasahyam sued for eviction from the Stadium.

Devasahyam sued for eviction from the Stadium. She said ,she requests the court to grant her access to enter the stadium. She further said in accordance to the MLB fan policy she wants access to the stadium.

Devasahayam wrote in the lawsuit. ‘I am a Yankees fan and want to become the future wife of Brett Gardner.’ She wants outfielder to the heart and soul so in October to see Gardner  she attempted to cross the boundries.

The incident to cross the boundaries came after she attempted to sneak into the visitors clubhouse at Oriole Park. On her Twitter account  Devasahayam claimed in her lawsuit that Gardner has shown obvious interest in her.

Devasahayam Tweeted  her views with Twitter account holder Gardner is married to Jessica Clendenin, Devasahayam responded: ‘That is not of importance.’

Jessica Clendenin is Gardner’s wife who birth two sons together. The outfielder said when I look my sons a wave of happiness runs through me.

The happy couple share their family photos on their social media accounts.

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