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Jenni Rivera’s husband Esteban Loaiza arrested with 20 kg drugs

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Esteban Loaiza has 20 kg of drugs. Police arrested him for having this huge amount of drug. The San Diego Sheriff’s Department reported that, police arrested the retired All-Star pitcher Loaiza. There was a charge on him for having 20 kg of drugs on.

This cocaine is for selling. A bail of 200k dollars was set for him and he would appear in court on Wednesday. San Diego County Police arrested him during a short stop of traffic. He hid in aftermarket compartment which is used to hide contraband. And the police arrested him from that place. After getting a search warrant, the police searched him thoroughly.

Baseball Reference revealed that, Loaiza was not appearing in majors for a long time. He has not appeared  here after 2008, but he has earned a huge amount of 40 million dollars from his baseball career.

The San Diego Sheriff Department added that, Loaiza has a large amount of 20 kg heroin and cocaine for selling, he arrested with this heavy amount of drugs. Esteban Loaiza was a citizen of Tijuana, Mexico and his Major League career could not get esteem. In 2003, Esteban Loaiza got an honor as All-Star for being a member of the Chicago White Sox.

It occurred when he led the American League in strikeout and finished it with second position Cy Young Voting. Loaiza has an honor to play in many leagues and clubs including Pittsburgh Pirates, Texas Rangers, Toronto Blue Jays, New York Yankees, Washington Nationals, Oakland Athletics and Los Angeles Dodgers. After playing for all above leagues, he returned to Chicago. In Chicago, he closed his career in 2008.

Jenni Rivera

His career could not get esteem, he was struggling. Esteban Loaiza ended his long career of 14 years with a massive record of 126-114 and earn with an average of 4.65. Loaiza has privilege to win more major leagues than any other player on Mexican born.

He is at second spot in all Mexican players. Only Fernando Valenzuela, a Mexican player beat him. The door of his happiness, opened in 2010, when he met with his life line. That year brought pleasures for him because in the same year he married with a singer Jenni Rivera.

But, this marriage could not get more strength and ended after two years. It was December morning, Jenni Rivera died in a plane crash. In Chicago, Loaiza attended an event SoxFest to refresh his memories, here all the former players of the White Sox were engaged with fans and sharing them signatures and autographs.

In 2006, there was a charge for over-speeding at him. He has got an honor as All-Star in 2003 because of a member of Chicago White Sox and he led the American League in strikeout. The couple Esteban Loaiza and his wife Jenni Rivera appeared the last time on red carpet at Jenni Rivera’s ‘I Love Jenni’, a Latin Celebrity reality show. And the party started on March 1, 2012.

They broth separated by divorce in October 2012. After two months of divorce, Jenni Rivera died in a plane crash in December. In this way the journey of her life and remembrance with her ex-husband ended.

Jenni Rivera

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