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Jenelle Evan’s ex-husband Courtland Rogers jailed for ‘assaulting woman’

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Keith Rogers is the ex-husband of Jane Evans Eason’s. Evans Eason is younger than her husband Rogers. He arrested for attacking on a woman. Roger arrested and kept in Brunswick County Jail. On Sunday, he jailed for recharge of 100k dollars. His ex-wife is a star and she has worked in Teen Mom 2. The 26 years old reality star ended her wedding with tattooist man Rogers in 2014. Rogers is 32 years old and has a habit or crime. That is why he jailed for attacking on a woman.


According to TMZ, the Leland Police Department retaliated on an open warrant against
Courtland Rogers. But it was not clear when the indecency actually occurred.
It has been four months since Rogers last posted 15K bond. He posted it on April 10 . It was due to the intent to ‘sell / sell Schedule III’ and ‘sell / distribute Schedule III’ things.


Jenelle Evan


According to TMZ, Rogers has been arrested third time in 2013 for accusing  crime. In
November police arrested Courtland Rogers for taking hold on Buprenorphine Naloxone ( that treats opium addiction).


Kieffer Delp the ex-boyfriend of Janelle arrested for running a math lab. He was dating Janelle in 2011 until 2013. Sometimes he was on and sometimes off during relation with Jenelle. In Pennsylvania, he was running a math lab and he arrested and kept in jail for 18 to 36 months.


Jenelle Evan


In November , Cortland Rogers was the owner of  thhuge amount of Buprenorphine Naloxone.
Leland Police department arrested him for storing illegal drugs. Infact this medicine is used for treating the addictions of opium.


Jenelle Evan


In 2013 , police again arrested him for committing his third crime Indeed, he was a mentally ill person and doing crimes just for fun. According to Radar Online, the 28 year old young man born in New Jersey. He had done a crime deal with prosecutor of Allegheny county. After releasing from jail he would be on probation for three years.


In September 23, Evans will celebrate her first wedding anniversary with David Eason. David is her second husband. Evans was the former star of Teen Mom 2. She was involved in series of homophobic tweets. That is why she was expelled off from Teen Mom 2. The countryman of North Carolina arrested in 2010 until 2012. He had committed four crimes and arrested four times. The culprit has a wife 30 and a daughter Ensley Jolie of 19 months.


Jenelle Evan


Her mother Barbara was under the eyes of Jace. The writer of “Read Between the Line” is the with her ex-boyfriend Andrew Lewis. She had a nine years old son Jace Vahn. Kaiser Orino was also with her. He is a six years old son who is sharing with her ex-fiance Nathan Griffith. They all had pictured together.

Check out more of Jenelle was in the second part of the eighth season of Teen Mom 2. This is telecasting on MTV airing Monday night.


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