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Jemele Hill celebrates engagement to Ian Wallace

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The former host of ESPN celebrates her forthcoming wedding to Ian Wallace with a video of their engagement. They got engaged last year December. Jemele gives credit to Beyonce and Jay-Z as she copied their power suit in front of the Mona Lisa look. She revealed this theme after five months of her engagement.

In 2018, The Carters’ Apesh*T had shot a video in Paris, which inspired Jemele to copy the same theme for her forthcoming wedding celebration. She called this celebration ‘a love letter to Detroit’ as they filmed it on May 15 at Detroit Institute of Arts and Detroit Public Library.  Ian Wallace is a writer and J. Hill is a 43-year-old TV host and Journalist.

She got famous after her statement in September 2017 in which she accused Donald Trump of being a white supremacist. On Friday, she posted a part of her engagement video on Twitter and told her 1.14million followers: ‘I and my fiancé wanted to do something eye-capturing and special at our engagement photo shoot. We discussed many ideas with each other, but we got stuck to the Jay Z and Beyonce.’

The video clips show the couple pairing iconic scenes from Beyonce and her husband Sean Carter. These scenes were filmed and debuted seven months ago. Jemele was looking adorable on her engagement function in vibrant red color in place of the singer’s pink set. However, Wallace tried to copy Jay-Z’s suit in a turquoise hue.

The bride-to-be glows in makeup by Laura Melissa and is styled by Kenni Wallace. Instead of using Louvre in Paris, they chose the Detroit Institute of Arts as a location for their shoot. They take things one step forward by choosing this location; inspired by Queen Bey’s Versace look from 2018.

Jemele Hill

As she posted the first half of the video on Instagram TV and Facebook, her fans made her realize that they are missing the finishing part of the clip too. She also posted pictures of her bridal shower on Twitter and received lots of love from her fans.


She said that both filming locations are pillars of our city. Her statement clearly shows her love for her homeland as well as for the musicians. They got engaged last December but did their shoot on May 15.

On the other side, she faced the Twitter battle a year and a half before. This conflict started when she said some disturbing words to President Trump.

I have not seen such an ignorant and offensive president as he is!’ After a month, she got suspended for violating the policy of social media and posting offensive content. ESPN also distanced itself from the controversy and said that the players who disrespected the American flag would not able to play on the team.

Hill had to leave ESPN in September 2018. After that, she started her career as a writer. She made a regular gig and start writing articles about different topics such as a’ force field’ and many others.


Jemele Hill

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