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Jason Beghe file for divorce from his wife Angie Janu

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According to The Blast, Jason Beghe filed for divorce. He wanted to separate from his wife.
His wife is still young of just 17-year-old. I can’t continue this relationship because of many internal dynamics.

There are lots of undissolved differences between them. The 57 years old star of Chicago PD married a beautiful teenager, actress Angie Janu in 2000. They both shared two children Bix,14, and Bo,11.

Beghe noted in his divorce papers that he will pay marital assistance to his ex-partner. I want to keep some of the assets that I had to pay for her in case of divorce. According to the deadline, NCB has investigated him. He was rude and humiliated at the set of California PD. Some cast and crew have claimed that he called for sexual harassment.
In order to The Blast, Thelma and Lewis will financially support the wife. They file for keeping some  inherited property.

According to The Blast, Thelma and Lewis actors will “support the wife, but they will list some of the inherited properties they want to keep apart in the divorce.” There was an issue of children for both parents. To sort out this problem. Beghe is going to apply for children’s legal and physical custody.

The well known actor’s behavior was offensive on the set. NCB called him for investigation of sexual harassment and threatening the cast. He also used irrelevant language, there on the set.
NCB investigated his case last year. It claimed that he bullied his team fellows on the show.
Insider told about him to Variety, Beghe shouted at everyone. He used bad and offense words for his colleagues of  the show’s cast and crew.

As long as he remained in set everyone was unpleasant with his behavior. When he left the
show, they all took a deep breath of peace. Everyone blamed, the New York actor. His bad behavior hurt them a lot. They started s trend of his disgracing behavior. In order, to the deadline, there were many actors injured during stunts and his conflict on the set. It reported some insiders.

Actress Sophia Bush decided to leave the show. Beghe’s misbehavior was the main reason of leaving the show. Insider reported to Variety. The show management cleared his blames by providing a document to NCB Universal Human Resources.

According to the management team, it was an anger role in Hank White. He has to play his role in such anger behavior. After that, there was an amazing change in the environment. Insiders told Variety, Beghe is doing well. He has improved his behavior and way of talking. There is no complain again him for six months. He became a sensible person now.

Beghe said, I had hurt lots of my friends and cast fellows. It is really shameful for me.
In a statement he admitted that, I personally want to say sorry to all my friends and colleagues. I would like to apologies every individual.

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There were some reasons behind my anger and offense behavior. He said, I was not
mentally stable. In fact, I surrounded with lots of personal issues. Now, I am going well and working to control my behavior. For this purpose, a coach is training me. He is helping me out, how to absorb pressure and problems.

It’s an ongoing process and I am improving myself. My offensive behavior is changing into
humble. It is a great pleasure and pride for me to be the part of an incredible cast of Chicago PD. I apologies all my friends and colleagues here. The demand done by me, I am ready to fulfill it.

NBC proceeded a statement with the show’s production companies. Universal Television and Wolf Entertainment are indicating that when they were informed of the situation. They started an investigation. They have already taken an action to monitor closely to ensure. All of our employees are feeling safe and supportive.

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