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Jaime Pressly welcomed twin sons Leo and Lenon Hijazi

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Beau Hamzi Hijazi and Jaime Pressly welcomed a couple of boys into the new world. They welcome the twin children after nine months. These were exciting moments for them to say welcome to the new members of the world. This was a promising addition to the family. The actress welcomed her new members by sharing a photo on her Instagram account with the caption,” finely there here”. She received best wishes from her fan for her children.

Their birth took place on 16 October and the mother of three children add a caption on Instagram ‘ Double Trouble’! Leo and Lenon Hijazi are the new addition to our family. However, the actress already has a child and the twin boys are troubled for the 3rd.

The mother of three properly announced the birth of her twin by sharing a picture on her Instagram. She was celebrating the moments with a set of twin boys Leo and Lenon with beau Hamzi Hijazi on 16 October. These twin boys are Jaime’s second and third elder. Jaime Pressly told me she had already a son with her ex-husband Eric Calvo. Dezi is ten years old, the son of Jaime.

The actress of “The My Name is Eral” star showed her pregnancy test online and announced that she was expecting it in June. Later, she broke the news of her pregnancy on her Instagram. A stunning new family, TV star captioned a picture Dezi is going be a big brother’. At the time of the announcement, she demonstrated to Us Weekly, that it was unbelievable for me to conceive naturally because I was thinking to do IVF.

Jamie shared a snap on her Instagram with her son Dezi from ex-husband Eric and beau Hamzi Hijazi. Here she showed her pregnancy. The blonde beauty announced that it was amazing news for me because I have already made five pregnancies to make sure. But the positive test report surprised me because it was against my anticipation. I thought to do IVF.

Jaime Pressly

Although, the couple was not expecting twins until the first ultrasound. Luckily, they found bundles of pleasures because they got two in one. She said I was with Hamzi Hijazi, we both were in ultrasound and we wanted to hear the heartbeat and surprisingly, we heard two heartbeats. There were two babies. This made us wonder. It was unbelievable news for both of us.

In the nick of time, she said we both were thinking to do IVF for further addition to our family. But positive reports granted us huge pleasures. Natural pregnancy was away from our expectations. While watching on screen I was shocked, I didn’t know what I was watching on the screen.

There were two bands of heartbeat spectrum on the screen. We both were shocked by this view. It was unbelievable for us to see two spectrums. In July, she properly endorsed Hijazi, she said, he is going to be a father of twin children while taking with Us Weekly. I’m very excited to say welcome to the twin babies.

The couple was enjoying their relationship until 2011. The mother of three had already tied a knot with a lawyer between 2009 to 2011. He was Simran Singh, who married her. In April, she was with Hijazi and said he is going to be the best dad. They appeared together in April.

Jaime Pressly

Jaime Pressly

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