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In Thailand attack, children were killed in school shootings and stabbings.

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In Thailand attack, a terrible accident occurred at a preschool in which children are killed. The assailants attacked the children with knives and gunshots, in which they killed many children. In a preschool center located in the northeast of the country, a former police officer killed 38 with knives and gunshots. Most of the dead are children. A cruel man showed his cruelty in his acts. An ambulance arrived to take the dead bodies to the hospital. You can see in a video that the ambulance arrived at the scene of the Thailand nursery shooting. This terrible incident happened on Thursday, October 6. A wave of panic spread everywhere. The terrible incident brought tears to every eye and made every heart sad.

How many children have been robbed of their father’s shadow by this terrible incident or how many mothers have been robbed of their bare livers? This is truly a heart-wrenching incident. Indeed, this heartbreaking incident took away many lives mostly children in them. The assailant killed young children with a knife and a gun Most of the dead were young and the number of casualties are 38. A former police officer killed them badly. Unlucky, the children were sleeping in the center of Na Klang district in Nong Bua Lamphu province, when the incident occurred. According to the police and witnesses, the attacker opened fire on sleeping children.

police-said-the-perpetrator-was-a-former-police-officer who killed them.


He was a former police officer who killed them,according to police and witnesses. The beast in human form stabbed the children to death and then drove his car into pedestrians. When he got home, he also killed his wife and children. He turned his car towards the pedestrians and fired at them and killed many of them. According to the police, he shot dead his wife and children. Police investigation showed the attacker is a former police lieutenant colonel named is Paniya Khamrab. This why the police force expelled him for his immoral acts like having methamphetamine. On Thursday, he appeared in court in a case of drug charges.

The witness said that when he arrived at the nursery, he was in a brutal state. In the pictures taken from the crime scene, you can see that the dead bodies of the children are lying on the mats. And the nursery school room is full of dead bodies. Alphabets are written on the walls of the room and pictures of many animals are also made on these walls. White sheets have been placed on the dead bodies of the children. Prayuth Chan-Ocha, Thailand’s prime minister will come to see the incident place in Nong Bua Lamphu on the next day. The Prime Minister says that this incident has deeply saddened his heart and he expresses deep sorrow and condolences to the families of the deceased.

He further said in a statement on Facebook that we will punish the culprit as soon as possible and will not let the blood of children go in vain. I order the Chief of Police and all concerned agencies to visit the affected area and console the family of the deceased and assure them that we will give them justice. And he further said that we will not leave our countrymen alone in this difficult time. Talking to Thai Rath TV, a teacher said that the criminal first opened fire in the parking area and then he came towards us. I tried to stop him but he did not stop. Then we closed the door from the front. The teacher said we locked the door and ran through the outside window and he went to where the children were sleeping.


On my way to my motorcycle, I saw him driving his car erratically and moving forward, said an eye-witness to AFP. Purichan added that his intention was to kill people on the road. He also hit motorcycles with his car, resulting in injuries. The police chief said that the post-mortem will reveal that the accused had consumed drugs and that is why he appeared in court today. Thailand, located in Southeast Asia’s Golden Triangle, with Myanmar and Laos. It has been notorious for smuggling and producing drugs for a long time. In June, The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime warned about the production and trafficking of enough amount of methamphetamine in this region.

According to it, the rates of drugs fell to their lowest level in 2021. The reason for the lowest prices was for excess supply in Thailand. However, such incidents are rare in Thailand. Once a soldier became angry with his superiors and went to four different locations, one in a busy shopping mall, and opened fire on people, killing 29 and injuring 57 people. Incidents like this have forced people to debate gun ownership. Possession of firearms is punishable by 10 years in prison and a fine of up to 20,000 baht. But due to the lack of rule of law, some guns remain unregistered and they used them in criminal activities. According to Gunpolicy.org,in 2016, about ten million people in Thailand owned firearms. There were 4 million firearms were illegal at that time. But speaking in the same context, he used a registered gun in today’s tragedy.

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