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In new documentary Danita Tutt protests her innocence

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Danita Tutt protested for her innocence in the new documentary, actually Danita Tutt is a mother who tried to kill her son. She was convicted of attempting to kill her little son who was just 13. In a new documentary, she is protesting for her Innocence while waiting for her case. The reason of her sentence is serious as she was very careless about her son’s health and she didn’t tell about his medical condition. Her negligence about Colton’s health made him physically weak because she deprived him  proper food and drinks.



She lives in Texas and she was sentenced to five years for attempting to kill her son. Danita Tutt passed her son through unnecessary surgeries. Luckily, Colton won the war of life when doctors said it was enough to save his life for us and we could not do anything else for his survival. In 2016, her story was filmed when she was placed on a 25000 bond. But the mother says such type of allegations were studded like a knife into my heart. According to her trail, she found guilty to physically toture her son and attempted to murder him.





Then she broke a wrong statement about his medical condition. This allegation has destroyed all my emotions and feelings being a mother and a human. My whole world is my son Colton but I know I will not get a fair trial.
I feel someone stubbing in my heart over and over and hurting me badly. She has two sons Colton, and Colby and they both are in the custody of their grandparents after the agreement between the mother and CSP of dropping the lawsuit of parental rights in 2017.




Colby is not physically fit because he is suffering with heart and kidney problems. He also suffers with bone problems. Therefore, my son has been under the supervision of doctors for 15 years and has undergone  17 different surgeries. Danita Tutt has been sentenced to five years in jail for trying to assassinate her son Colton.



My whole world is my son Colby, who is suffering with many issues. His stomach and colon were badly effected in 2015 and he underwent a pair of surgeries in order to improve his health but it could not happen. A new documentary has revealed that doctors were unable to improve his health and they sent him to a hospice. In the  documentary, there was a big discussion on Munchausen.




Actually, Munchausen is a condition in which an adult will be able to establish a suitable medical circumstance for his child to pay his attention and sympathy to his child. The major disadvantage of this technique, how will you create symptoms in your child to better explain the lie. According to Proxy, Munchausen is a severe type of child abuse.



It happens when someone tries to gain attention and care by inventing of illness or disease. Connie Kohler, who is a
nurse from hospice discovered it when Colton was not dying and consuming solid food and drinks. She reported to his mother Danita.



There was a claim on Danita to produce medically fragile baby to grab the attention of others. But it was due to Munchausen Syndrome that was not discovered in her at that time. It is such a medical illness in which one can hurt and injury to the person under care. Due to her medical illness, she was found guilty to attempt of assassinating her son by undergoing of unnecessary surgeries and medicines.




At the point of time police claimed that these unnecessary surgeries led him to a deadly blood infection. She also found of depriving her son from food and water. However, she had arranged for his last rites, therefore she bought a coffin for him. Due to the serious condition of Colby, Fort Worth Police emergency took him in their custody at
the same day.



Fort Worth police contacted the CPS, which took Colby into emergency custody the same day. Hospice workers told to an agency that Colby’s mother removed him without doctor’s permission, although, he is not physically fit. By referring her allegations in court, she said, I gave him pain killers to get relief from pain. I could not see him pain.

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