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Ideal conditions for writting an article

Situations for writing

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Writing is an art of communicating thoughts and ideas using employee symbols in a readable form. More often we use keyboard or pencil to write.  On a surface like paper or a whiteboard, we typically write with a pen or pencil. A typewriter, computer, or portable device typically has a keyboard attached. People who are blind or have limited hand or vision control can have their ideas transcribed using voice recognition software. Here are some ideal conditions for writing

  1. Passion
  2. Comfortable environment
  3. Food and beverages
  4. Fix time in a day


Quite a few of the responses indicated that the students had or wanted to develop good writing habits, which I was happy to see. Developing Writing habits is a huge part of becoming a productive writer. so it’s great to see the students talking about having scheduled writing time, writing for timed intervals, or otherwise talking about daily writing goals.

A couple of other responses that I liked a lot include getting the work done far in advance to avoid stress, and getting plenty of sleep, which keeps productivity high.

would sit down often (7-8 times a day), attempt writing for at least 5 minutes, then keep writing for up to an hour stretch when I’m feeling it, this may be at home, office, lab, or elsewhere. I’d like this to result in 3-4 hours of writing daily.

A certain number of hours, set aside regularly.
Scheduled time in the morning, at my desk with 2 monitors and no distractions; around 10am.
I really enjoy the pomodoro technique.
Make micro-goals to follow every 15 minutes or so.
Dedicate at least 5 hours of my day for writing and use the Pomodoro method to write.
Write at 1 hour intervals and take 15 min breaks in between.
I would write with high concentration for about 45-50 minute block with breaks in between.
Ideal writing situation for me should be to write an essay (3-4pages) within 1 hour.

2.comfortable environment is ideal conditiond for writing


It is also included in ideal conditions of writing .Some pupils prefer their work to have a social component. They provided examples of excellent locations including classrooms, libraries, and coffee shops. Despite the fact that I can write on my alone, I tend to fit into this group since I feel as though having other people nearby who are writing or working on something else creative helps me to focus and energise. This is why I believe my “Sit Down and Write” sessions and Thesis Writer’s Boot Camp are so effective with students.

When I’m in a classroom, I feel the most productive. I’m surrounded by other folks who are also seated.
When I work with someone else, I am more productive than when I work alone.
I can write more in a library or other quiet setting that is available.

preferably in a peaceful location. I would use headphones if I had to complete it at the office to block out distractions.
The best place to write is in a peaceful, private setting where you can express your thoughts aloud and write both on paper and on a computer.
I enjoy spending a few hours alone in a calm setting.

I like to write best when there is silence or instrumental music playing and a window view.

3. Food and beverages

Food and drinks also in one of  ideal conditions for writing.As a full-time writer, I like to drink several cups of herbal tea before switching over to hot water (I know it sounds weird, but try it!). Actually, I would prefer green tea, but I have been avoiding caffeine for the last couple of years. Coffee was the top choice of graduate students. No surprise there!

Writing at my desk at home office, cup of coffee.

Bright room, dark coffee; good data; anytime.

I would have a steady supply of herbal tea and some food when I need it.

In a quiet place, mornings, good condition of light, no snack just coffee or tea.

More drinks than food were mentioned. It would appear that hot drinks for the body are helpful for putting one’s mind in the mood to write. That is definitely the case for me.  I prefer to sip on a few cups of herbal tea before switching to hot water . Green tea would actually be my preferred beverage, but for the past few years, I have abstained from caffeine. Graduate students overwhelmingly preferred coffee.

Coffee in hand, I’m writing at my home office desk.

a well-lit environment, dark coffee, anytime.

When I needed some food and herbal tea, I would always have some on hand.

in a peaceful setting, in the adequate lighting, only coffee or tea for snacks.

4.Fix time in a day for writting

Most students claimed they liked writing during the day, however a few said they preferred to write in the morning and a handful preferred to write at night. Writing throughout the day is more comfortable since it jives with the rest of the world’s rhythms, the typical workday, the hours that workplaces and businesses are open, and the periods when other people are present.

Every day, anytime before noon, spend one to two hours writing, ideally in a coffee shop or library.
I tend to be most alert and clear-headed in the morning.
Mornings in a peaceful setting with good lighting, no snacks, just coffee or tea. I must concentrate.Early in the morning, about 10am, at my desk using two monitors with no interruptions.
It would be in the late afternoon or early evening, and I would have four to five hours to write without interruption.
In a public setting, I would prefer to write in the Evening



Above discussion is included in some ideal conditions of writing. Moreover there are many situations for writing.As it is  said All the leaders are good readers ,so readers deserve to read good contents. Writing is an art.if a person is passionate and  good researcher then surly he will become a good writter.



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