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How to watch YouTube videos without ads

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Well it is one of the most asked questions at the Google and the people try their best to find the best answer for this question.Ads in YouTube have evolved with the evolution of YouTube. From 2005 to 2022 the YouTube ads have been increasing day by day. It’s a headache for a person when he is viewing his favorite content and suddenly an annoying ads pops out.And according to a report YouTube is planning to have 10 ads before starting your favorite video. That problem must be sorted.Well we all are aware and fully addicted to the content that YouTube provides.

From learning material for kids to Sports,From Talk shows to Documentaries there is a lot of stuff present on the YouTube that you should be looking for. In past the people used to live on food and water but this is the era of technology people can’t live without YouTube. YouTube has made us all dependent on it. The people all addicted to YouTube so much that they will also bear the 10 ads plan of YouTube. According to a report Alphabet collected a whooping revenue of $28 Billion from ads in the 2013-2018 period.

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Well that’s a lot of money and the YouTube won’t mind to increase it in future even if the viewers are irritated by the ads. So the conclusion is that the YouTube won’t stop from filling it’s videos with ads and we have to find a solution for this problem.We are going to tell you a number of methods to avoid ads on YouTube videos and enjoy a safe,smooth and ad-free experience. There are 5 Five methods to watch YouTube videos without ads.

1.YouTube Premium

The first and the most reliable method to avoid ads on YouTube is to get a premium account.You can get the premium account by spending money.Well this method is only for those who can afford to get a premium account. On YouTube premium you will get a smooth ad free experience. Well YouTube Premium is a solution for those who have enough money to pay for a smooth and ad free experience and all of us can’t afford and most of us don’t want to pay to remove those annoying ads.Indeed YouTube premium gives you a smooth and ad free experience and that is quite a lovely thing but if you can’t afford a premium account you have to check the following ways also.

2.Ad Blocker

Well many of us can’t afford to buy a premium account so for those there is another way. Simply you can install an ad-blocker to avoid ads. It is one the reliable method and there are several ad blockers which offer you a smooth and ad free YouTube experience. However you won’t find these ad-blocker apps on Google play store because the Alphabet won’t want to lower there revenue so in order to find these apps you have to take help of the search engine and it will give you a lot of options to choose. Some of the main ad-blocker apps are

  • New Pipe
  • Sky Tube

3.Ad-Blocking Web Browser

The ad blocking web browser offers you to remove unnecessary and annoying ads while you are watching YouTube . Simply you have to install an ad blocking web browser on your device and you will have a smooth and ad free YouTube experience.These web browser are specially designed to remove ads and they work very efficiently and their ad blocking rate is very good.The best ad blocking web browsers you should go for

  • Ad-Block Plus
  • Ads-guard
  • Ghostery


VPN(Virtually Private Network) is another free and reliable method to remove ads from YouTube. VPN provides you not only an ad free experience but it also hides your IP address,your location and it also does not save your search history. If you want  safe and private browsing you should not twice for going for a VPN. The VPN does harm your device in anyway. It doesn’t interferes with your data and gives a smooth and private ad free YouTube experience. The best VPN in the business are

  • NordVPN
  • ExpressVPN
  • SuperVPN
  • TomatoVPN

5.YouTube Video Downloader

Another reliable method to enjoy YouTube videos without ads is by equipping a YouTube video Downloader in your device. By opening YouTube with a YouTube video Downloader your experience won’t be affected by ads. You will enjoy an ad free experience and You will also be able to download the video in your file manager. And it will also be available for you in offline mode. The YouTube video Downloader makes it easy for you to enjoy the YouTube as it comes with a lot of exciting experience. The best YouTube video Downloader apps in the business are

  • Vidmate
  • Snap Tube

Methods that don’t work anymore.

Well there are also some methods which were quite effective in the past. But due to strict action taken by YouTube don’t work anymore. However these methods were quite famous and effective but now they are of no use. The methods which don’t work now are

  • YouTube vanced
  • DNS Blocker

YouTube vanced was a good and very efficient method to remove ads from the YouTube videos. But the Alphabet didn’t take it easy they made their policy and they removed it from everywhere.

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