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How To Protect Your Smartphone From Scratches

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Most of us make frequent use of our smartphones. It just makes sense that you would want to keep your phone looking beautiful when you spend so much time staring at it. But how can you prevent scratches on your phone without sacrificing its appearance? It might be challenging to keep your smartphone looking brand new. They are made to look beautiful and perform well, after all. And given how much time we spend with them, it’s only normal for them to eventually begin displaying signs of wear and tear. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to maintain your phone’s appearance and increase its lifespan. Here are some pointers for guarding against scratches on your smartphone:

 Case is necessary

If your phone is more than a few months old, it has undoubtedly already had case contact. Maybe you got it as a present, or you just wanted to safeguard your investment. Whatever the motivation, cases or mobile skin templates are made to guard your phone against unforeseen harm like breaking and peeling. Therefore, purchasing a case for your phone is generally a good option if you intend to keep it for a while. Cheap online cases made of plastic are available, as well as more expensive cases with raised bezels, screen protectors built in, and integrated card slots for cash and credit cards.

Embrace the Screen

Placing a piece of paper over your screen is a fantastic technique to prevent harm. It can have several textures, such as cloth, silicone, and gel, and is frequently referred to as a screen protection film. Teflon is a type of transparent, non-sticky silicone that works well as screen protection because to its flexibility and ease of use. Although there are many various kinds of screen protectors, they are all intended to be positioned flush with the screen of your phone. When you do this, it not only helps to maintain the screen of your phone’s display clean but also protects it from scratches. Additionally, as it serves as a barrier, your phone’s camera is shielded.

safeguard the camera’s lens

In the past few years, smartphone cameras have advanced significantly, and many of them now have lens protection. This is especially helpful if you’re taking pictures and videos in environments where it’s unsafe to have your phone’s display on, including in crowded areas or while driving. Since many camera lenses are made of glass, it’s best to use a case that also covers the lens if you want to keep it clean. Smartphone cases come in a wide variety of styles, but some of the best ones are bulky covers that also function as waterproof wallets.

Please don’t drop it

It’s impossible to predict when you’ll receive a call or text that you don’t want to answer or what other demands you’ll have to make. But what if you were in a rush and dropped your phone? The impact of the fall could harm your phone even if it was protected by a cover. If you can, try to keep your phone from falling, and if it’s really crucial, use a case that covers the camera lens.

Purchase phone protection insurance.

The easiest approach to guard against damage to your phone is to purchase a phone protection insurance plan. Carlcare provides the TECNO, Infinix, or itel phone protection insurance service. After activation, the free screen replacement service covers your smartphone for 180 days. It protects the screen of an Infinix or TECNO phone.

During the 180-day insurance period, your screen will be replaced for free at a Carlcare service centre if it cracks, shatters, or is pinched.Visit a Carlcare service centre or just make an online reservation on our website to get started.


The longer you own your phone, the more likely it is to experience aesthetic problems like worn-out hinges and corners, blemishes on the body, and screen scratches. There are a few things you can do to keep your phone looking its best if you want to shield it from these elements. There are several options for securing your smartphone, but the ones you use the most frequently will be the most useful. So, heed these recommendations to shield your equipment against normal use-related deterioration.

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