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How To Lose Weight Fast

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food while you are going to lose weight. You must lessen them but you should not ban them at all. Banning food will lead  to the shortage of different nutrients in the body. Lose 5 Pounds in one week! You will see this poster at many sites. Well, this is possible to lose so much weight in this short interval of time but this is not appreciated by the Doctors. In this case you are going to lose 5 Pounds in only 7 days and you’ll be depending mostly on the keto diet or by cutting your food supply.


The fact is that you can lose 5 Pounds in a week but the weight loss in this case would be water weight and once you have started eating again your favorite carbs you will again get this weight. Losing weight fast is not appreciated by the Doctors and the Physical Trainers.

We shall discuss here the best and possible ways to lose weight .

1.Up Your Veggie Intake

Well, this is the most reliable method to lose weight. Instead of skipping many meals and doing hard workouts simply increase your Veggies intake and your weight will be balanced. Veggies lack the fat contents and are highly rich with the vital nutrients required for your health and physical fitness.

In order to get the best results you must include Veggies in your daily diet and they must be 50% of your diet.

2.Build  a Better Breakfast

Eating a good a and balanced dish with health fats, carbohydrates and all the required nutrients will make you feel happy all the day. If you are going to skip the breakfast so that you can lose weight. Dear, you are on the wrong track. Skip breakfast causes the secretion of hormones that regulate hunger. Which cause you to take a heavy diet in the day and you will not be able to control that hunger situation as you have skipped the breakfast.

Skipping breakfast leads to weight gain and several other problems. If you want an easy weight loss you should take a healthy breakfast.

3.Snack Smart

You must be very careful while choosing a snack for yourself. Most of the snacks in Market are rich in fats which lead to serious problems.

You must be very careful while selection of snacks and you should snacks which have low content of fats and sugars.

4.Do Not Ban Food

The most popular problem is banning the food. You should never ban

Different nutrients are required for different reasons. Many metabolic reactions are highly dependant on the Nutrients for their proper functioning. So, if you have banned the food at all you will experience a shortage of the Nutrients which will lead to several Metabolic problems.



A decent workout is also highly needed for weight loss. If you are taking 2000-3000 Kcal per day and you are not utilizing all the calories you are in serious problem and you are going to gain a lot of weight.

You should go for a decent workout in the gym 5 times a week. You should do exercises for all the body parts and you must spend enough time in the gym so you don’t have to carry extra calories with you.

A decent workout makes you healthy and also makes the weight loss process fast.

6.Skip Beverages

Beverages are highly rich in sugars and they are not good for health at all. They are not needed by the body at all. Beverages are a very serious threat to the health of a person.

If a person is wanting to lose some weight he must skip beverages of every type at all. If you are going to lose weight and you are choosing the beverages you are making a terrible choice. Skipping sugary Beverages is the easiest way to lose weight.

If you have taken any sugary Beverage  a day or you have taken it’s single pack you are carrying extra 800 calories with you and you are still hungry. The results are more severe in the case of consumption of alcohol.

7.Spice Up Your Life

Spicy food which is rich in jalapenos and peppers are able to release a stress hormone Adrenaline in the human body.

This hormone forces the body to burn calories and you will lose weight.

However, the spicy food must also be have a check and balance because if these increase and they cross their required limit the consequences can also be harsh.

8.Go To Bed  Early

Going to bed early is also very important factor if you want to loose weight. Going to bed early makes your all the body functions work properly.

Early going to bed regulates the body metabolic reactions in normal manner and the calories burn in excessive amount. Researches show that every minute of your sleep counts and it plays a very significant role if you are really wanting to lose weight.

  1. Make a Food Journal

This is also very necessary to count and remember what have you eaten. For this purpose you can either select an app or you can simply get a notebook.

Counting your food supply and demand of your body makes you able to lose weight and gain a healthy body. Making a food journal helps you make your plan for the remaining day and it also helps you in loosing weight.

  1. Take a walk

Taking a walk right after the meal helps the stomach in digesting food. You must take a walk of at least 70 steps right after your meal.

Often the people don’t walk after the meal and the necessary burning of calories is not fulfilled and you carry all these extra calories and this doesn’t help at all in loosing weight.

  1. Drink Water

    drinking-water to maintain health

Drinking water is also very important factor in loosing weight. You must increase your input of water and a person must drink at least 20 glasses of Water to live a healthy life. Drinking more water makes all of the body cells and body reactions to go properly. And when all the body functions are working properly the calories burn rate will also be high.

  1. Read Food Labels

You must know what are you going to eat. Most of the time you eat the food which you like or love the most but it’s not good for your health at all.

Most of the products are rich in fats and we are unaware of that . We consume them as usual and consider them normal and do not burn the calories which leads to weight gain.

We must read the label of the food so you can adjust your plan accordingly.


The conclusion of all the discussion is that you must follow all these instructions to get a weight loss as early as you want. If you miss any of these instructions the rate of tour weight loss will also decrease

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