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5 Critical Tips on How to Create the Most Engaging Social Media Videos

Effective Social Media Tips to Drive More Engagement


Today, more than 4.2 billion people are using social platforms. Can you imagine such a number engaging with your content? About 86% of online marketers post videos on social media to enhance their marketing efforts. Consumers also use social platforms to understand their preferred products and services more. For a business, you can increase traffic to your site and drive more sales by posting videos on social media.

Videos build social engagement. Your audience will trust what you offer when you post videos. You have a chance to develop brand loyalty with customers through quality explainer videos on how your brand solves their problems.

Easier access to social media makes it a good platform where you can respond to your customers’ queries about your brand. You can create questions and answers to promote more brand awareness. But with many videos posted on social media daily, how do you make your content more engaging than your competitors? Here are several social media tips to help you out.

Effective Social Media Tips to Drive More Engagement

1. Capture Audience Attention within the First Few Seconds

Many viewers lose concentration within the first 8 seconds of watching. So, you should captivate your audience to watch your video right from the start. Depending on how your video appears in the first few seconds, someone will decide whether to watch or scroll down.

You will lose a lot if viewers abandon your video halfway. Capitalize on making the start of your video more impactful. You can start with some thought-provoking questions about your brand. Using strong hooks will also be a good idea to capture your audience’s attention and make them watch till the end.

Powerful visuals and inspiring quotes do magic in attracting viewers’ concentration. If you have a business or company logo, try to add them to your video. The onset of your video will also appear great when you include a tagline and brand name.

Do you have other products or services you aim to highlight? You can capture them at the video’s beginning. That way, your audience gets a hint of what you want to convey in your video. Your intro needs to leave the audience curious about what will happen next in your video, which motivates them to watch.

Are you wondering how to develop an intro that inspires audience curiosity? Everything has to do with the organization of your clips and editing. With the help of an online video editor, you can organize and place suitable clips at the start of your video.

2. Keep Your Video Shorter and Sweeter

Your social media videos should be short, clear, and valuable. Most viewers won’t want your video on social platforms if it goes beyond 15 minutes. You can be tempted to include everything in your video when you shoot many quality clips. However, you have to trim your footage into a brief video. Bite-sized videos are easier to consume.

Today, cutting your long footage into the short video you need is easier. You only need to use the right online video editing software, and your editing process will be efficient. You should remove the excess parts and keep only the most relevant, engaging clips. Make sure your video captures attention, delivers a message, and inspires your audience to act, all in a short time.

But, what if you are dealing with a complex topic and require an in-depth explanation? If that’s the case, you may break your topic into small bit-sized video pieces. Develop a series of talks around different aspects of your topic, instead of having your information in one long video.

3. Add Music to Your Video

Music grabs viewer attention faster. Videos with good music engage the audience more. In addition, the music you add to your social media video controls the audience’s perception of your brand. You can also use much to set the right mood, influencing the audience to watch.

You can use subtle music to maintain your viewers’ attention when creating an explainer video. But remember, not all music is suitable for your video. Figure out the role of your audio before choosing any. Ensure the music matches what happens on the screen.

If you create an advertisement or promo social media videos, get dramatic music that evokes emotion. Consider hiring a composer if you don’t get editing tools with the audio that complements your video. However, some video editors come with free music to use.

Avoid using music with copyright without permission. Social media platforms like YouTube pay much attention to copyright issues. If you post a video with music that the owner hasn’t permitted you to use, YouTube flags off your content.

4. Your Video Should Tell a Story

Stories have a unique way of getting viewers’ attention and engaging them. If your social media video promotes your brand, focus on telling a story rather than sales. That way, you will build viewers’ curiosity about the entire video.

Make sure your story has wit and relevance to your video and provides value to viewers. Storytelling in a video allows you to develop a brand that resonates well with your audience. You should establish a personal connection with your followers through a video. Then, ensure you deliver a message that touches their emotions. Doing that takes your social media video to the next level, and you can get better results.

Shoot relevant and quality clips. When done, get a video editor and arrange your clips to tell a cohesive story. Editing determines the quality of your video. Ensure to pay attention to all details during the video editing process.

5. Pay Attention to Lighting

Lighting in your social media video influences engagement. Poor lighting discourages viewers from watching your video. You should focus on using natural lighting when shooting your video. Consider shooting your clips near a door or window if you must shoot indoors.

When shooting outdoors, you need proper timing to take advantage of natural light. Do you want your video to have yellow, red, or orange lights? If yes, ensure to shoot your clips during the golden hour before the sun sets. Golden-hour is a time of the day when the shadows are less dark while the hues are softer.

Cloudy days could also be a perfect day to shoot outdoor clips. The grey weather during cloudy days makes the light appear softer and spread out, which makes your video look great. If you want your videos to depict a sense of tranquility, shoot clips within the last 20-30 minutes after sunset. 


Social media videos drive huge engagement and bring good business results. Posting quality videos on your social media platforms help potential buyers know more about your offer. Using the above tips, you will make your messaging more effective on social media. Ensure you keep your content concise but still offer value to the audience. Lighting in your video should be perfect to avoid turning off your viewers from watching. Organize and edit your clips to ensure you tell a story.

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