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How The New Defense Secretary Might Change Everything

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On election day, the American people made it abundantly clear that they did not agree with the direction the president and the Republican Party were leading the nation in. Presidents are aware of opinion surveys. Even though they may not remember them, they still respect them. Exit polls indicated that there were two issues that were the most crucial to the campaign. In that order, they were IRAQ and CORRUPTION.The president gave an immediate, humorous response to the results of the election. I believed that Donald Rumsfeld would be let go three to four weeks after the election, allowing him to depart with honour. The president has appointed a lamb-and-duck  defense secretary just hours after voters cast their ballots.

The President is ensuring that Robert Gates’ nomination will be approved by this Congress and not the Democratic Congress that convenes on January 7 by doing this. There are analogies with this decision. After serving in office for at least six years at the height of the View Nam War, Robert McNamara was a worn-out, unhappy man. Even his children turned on him. Lyndon Johnson replaced Mc Namara, who had served as legal counsel to each Democratic president since Harry Truman, with Clark Clifford, one of my heroes.

Even Joe Kennedy, the father of the dead president, retained Clifford as counsel.Johnson believed Clifford would become a complete HAWK in Vietnam and heighten the demand for war. Instead, he said Johnson, “I urge you negotiate a deal as you are in a no-win situation.” Johnson took a deep breath and said that he will not run for nomination or reelection on his party’s behalf in the upcoming months.

Appointment Of Robert Gates

The appointment of Robert Gates as the new Secretary of Defense marks the President’s second attempt to solicit assistance from his father’s advisors. This president has not once discussed the best course of action in Iraq with his father, George Herbert Walker Bush, throughout the course of the last three years. This president has appointed Robert Gates, his father’s CIA director, to intervene and turn the situation around because it is a quagmire with no end in sight.

Both Condolezza Rice, our Defense Secretary of State, and Bill Gates were pupils of Brent Scowcroft, a former national security adviser. Scowcroft is regarded as a top professional who oversaw international policy at the White House under George H.W. Bush. The general perception is that Secretary of State James Baker made all the decisions, although that is only partially accurate. Scowcroft was a qualified expert with knowledge. Of course, Baker picked up on this over time and developed into a highly effective secretary of state for diplomacy. The only career CIA employee to work their way up from the bottom to become a director is Gates, a consummately professional intelligence analyst.

President’s present state of affairs:

The people that surrounding this president, known as the neocons, are to blame for his current predicament. You must realise that George Bush, in contrast to many other politicians, says what he believes and believes what he says. Politicians typically appeal to the masses. Harry Truman, who left the White House in 1953 with a 25% approval rating and was admired by later American generations, is undoubtedly this man’s hero.

Bush is not pandering to the audience. This is clear from the way he reacts to reporters’ most ridiculous “SHOWBOAT” queries during press conferences. Bush won’t take part in it. He is a genuine guy that has a similar lifestyle. The president may heed any particularly stern recommendations regarding Iraq from the Iraq Study Group, which is led by former secretary of state Baker. Bush is a wise man. He is aware that this fight won’t end nicely. He is also aware that Americans prefer to give their presidents a free pass when it comes to starting wars, but that is no longer the case.

Pressure on President Bush can only increase at this point. Defense Secretary Rumsfeld was relishing the heat that belonged to the President. Rumsfeld no longer serves as a conduit for the ire of this nation. Bush will instead shoulder the blame alone. As long as he maintains his conviction that his decisions as president are righteous, which he currently does, he has no issue with that. The president’s opponents frequently misjudged him. Being a jerk doesn’t help you win two national elections, followed by one congressional race.

Department Of Defense

The Department of Defense secretary will undergo rapid reform under Bob Gates. Do not, under any circumstances, think that Rumsfeld erred in all he did. He was mistaken in four significant ways. He first miscalculated the number of US troops required to win the war in Iraq. More soldiers are needed to administer a nation and put an end to unrest than to invade and gain it. Second, he pushed or gave the go-ahead to destroy the Iraqi military. After the war, Iraq could have been rebuilt and governed by this army. For America’s failing policies, we just had to PAY them a sum that was a small portion of what we already pay Halliburton.

He took part in or organised the ouster of the Sunni leaders of the Iraqi government before appointing competent replacements. They were capable of turning on the electricity and maintaining the operations of the government. Even General Patton hired Nazi officials at the end of World War II until he could train his own. Fourth, it took three years to find fresh candidates, vet them, and train them once the Iraqi police were discharged.

We’ll never be able to tell if Iraqi democracy would have had an opportunity to develop. Too much time has been lost waiting for it to happen, thus it’s too late. We might never know how the President’s staff, and consequently the President’s FAILURE TO IMPLEMENT a policy.

His first response is Robert Gates. His second reaction will come over the coming weeks from James Baker and the Iraq Study Group. Once the Senate confirms Gates, the Department of Defense may undergo reforms.

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