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How Powerful Is Android 18?

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Akira Toriyama designed the fictional Android 18 for the Dragon Ball manga series. Chapter #349, titled “The Androids Awake!” and initially appearing in Weekly Shnen Jump on November 12, 1991, introduces Android 18. She and her identical twin, Android 17, were forced into becoming cyborgs by Dr. Gero in order to fulfil his grudge against Goku. The character in the main-timeline shows little to no interest in carrying out Gero’s directives and develops into a significant figure in the anime after getting hitched to Goku’s best friend Krillin.

In a different future, Android 18 is a vicious killer who, along with Android 17, began a reign of terror over Earth that lasted for twenty years before being put an end to.

How Durable Is Android 18?

What is Android 18’s Dragon Ball Super power versus Goku and Vegeta. The solution may surprise you. Dragon Ball Z features them in battle. Cell was defeated in the initial conflict by the Androids. In the first battle, Goku and Android 17 squared off. In contrast, Android 18 defeated Vegeta and gained a lot of power in the second match.

At the Cell Games Arena, where they first met, Android 18 and his group talked about the Battle of the Future World. He’ll yell at Krillin and tell him to look for the lost things. During a recon mission in Future West City, he claims Marron misplaced three items.He requests assistance from the Tekka’s Team in locating the artefacts. In the Arena, they wrestle.

While stronger than Shin, Android 18 is not as strong as the other Super Saiyans. The Android smashes Vegeta’s arm with just one kick in the Dragon Ball Super episode “Realm of the Ultimate Ninja.” Vegeta has a 450-times tolerance for gravity. Future Trunks can overcome Android 18 due to its superior strength. The androids even break Future Trunks’ sword.


The Dragon Ball Super android, Android 18, has a 30 million power level. This level surpasses Goku’s from the Frieza Saga’s climax by a wide margin. Piccolo’s training and fusion with Nail and Kami have made her stronger than Android 18 overall. Piccolo isn’t any weaker than an Android, yet she appears to have comparable power.

Dragon Ball Super’s character can be trained and taught by Cell. The player can learn how to use the Power Blitz, Endless Shoot, Deadly Dance, and Dual Destructo-Disc from Cell. When she first meets the Supreme Kai of Time, she informs the player of her reasons for assisting her.She explains why she is doing this and how she received the training necessary to be more strong than Piccolo.

In Dragon Ball Super, Android 18 or Second Form Frieza are opponents of Piccolo. Despite being a powerful foe, he is unable to eliminate all 16 Androids. Piccolo will fall to Android 17 in the first conflict. Piccolo is unable to defeat both androids at once.


In Dragon Ball Super, are Android 17 and 18 more powerful than Goku? To demonstrate his might, Goku has engaged in several battles with foes throughout the Dragon Ball Super series. Goku and his friends and family have been bothered by a number of questions. In this essay, we’ll examine the reasons for these queries and provide our thoughts on them. If you’re a fan of Dragon Ball, the answers to these questions should be simple.

Following the Dragon Ball, Dr. Gero developed Androids. He based his argument on Goku’s power in the year Z. Frieza wasn’t anything he thought about until Cell was made. So he came to the conclusion that Androids 16 to 18 could defeat Frieza.But even though the Androids had the power to fend against Frieza’s army, they were severely damaged by everyone before they turned 18 years old.

Although Goku is a powerful character, the Androids are also capable of performing more complex moves. Even in his superhuman state, Goku is shielded from all attacks by Super 17’s Absorption Barrier. Super 17 shares a trait with Super Saiyan 4 and is capable of greater energy assaults than Goku. Therefore, Goku must be aware of which of the two during the Dragon Ball Super series can defeat Goku.


You might be considering whether Frieza is more powerful than Android 18. After all, androids were designed to be fighting machines with boundless energy. Ribrianne of Universe 2 was a powerful foe and was very difficult to overcome, but Android 18 did it. For their pals, the androids sacrificed their life. But the issue still stands: Is Frieza more powerful than 18? The Golden State demonstrates unequivocally why Android 17 is better than Frieza. However, the query “Is Frieza stronger? 18 Android?”

Depending on how fiercely you wish to battle, this. Frieza’s golden form is extremely strong, but it also consumes a lot of energy. Power is not always a guarantee of success, as Frieza has demonstrated.

Despite the fact that Frieza is capable of great strength, much remains unknown. Frieza would have little trouble defeating the Androids if he were stronger than Android 18. Frieza’s ego won’t prevent him from realising his full potential, though. If he did, it would be a thrilling fight!

 In Super, Krillin is more powerful than 18?

When comparing Krillin with 18, there are a tonne of false beliefs and misunderstandings. Due to his prominence in Dragon Ball, Krillin is frequently portrayed as being stronger than 18. Although it’s widely believed, this myth is generally false. The 18th most powerful Saiyan cannot be compared to Krillin because he is not a Saiyan.

Dragon Ball Super’s Krillin, the strongest human character, is not the strongest Z fighter. To get here, he has put forth a lot of effort. After the Elder Guru used all of his power, Krillin repeatedly defeated Vegeta.Additionally, krillin is said to be stronger than humans. This myth, while technically accurate, ignores Krillin’s true power, which is that of a valiant and dedicated warrior. In addition to being the strongest human in Dragon Ball Super, Krillin also embodies courage admirably. Despite being a weak human with limited strength, Krillin is capable of taking on the series’ greatest adversaries. He becomes an intriguing character as a result.

Does Android 18 get more robust?

Is Android 18 more powerful than his Dragon Ball Super counterpart? It is unclear if Android 18 is more powerful than his counterpart, despite the manga’s claim that Androids get stronger with age. It is impossible to say for sure, but given that the manga doesn’t go into detail about how androids develop their power, it doesn’t seem plausible that Android 18 will be any weaker than his counterpart. We can make assumptions about the causes of this fact and the course of Dragon Ball Super.

How Saiyajin was able to develop such strength is a mystery. The explanation lies in the fundamental design of human biology.

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