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How Healthy Is Fairlife’s Protein Shake? A Complete Review Including Pros And Cons.

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Protein smoothies in bottles are also available under the Fairlife milk brand. The shakes are offered in four flavours: strawberry banana, banana, chocolate, and vanilla. We will examine the Fairlife protein shakes in this article to determine their nutritional value and suitability as a post-workout beverage.

Review Of Ingredients

With 26 grammes, Fairlife protein shakes deliver an adequate amount of protein (g). Approximately 25 g of protein are needed to enhance muscle protein synthesis after exercise, according to a 2013 medical review.Since there is no mention of whether the milk is from conventionally raised or grass-fed animals, we will assume that it is from conventionally raised animals. The protein in these shakes comes from filtered lowfat grade A milk.

Grass-fed milk is healthier than conventional milk for two main reasons, according to a thorough scientific review published by the University of Minnesota: it offers a better balance of fatty acids, such as omega-3 fatty acids, and is also higher in conjugated linoleic acid, which may have cardiovascular benefits.The list of additional components found in Fairlife protein shake that we advise avoiding is below.

Suraclose, an artificial sweetener, has been found to impair insulin sensitivity in young, healthy volunteers in a clinical investigation. Despite consuming only 15% of the recommended daily intake (ADI) of sucralose, trial participants’ insulin sensitivity significantly declined.

Another artificial sweetener that has been linked to intestinal damage and altered gut flora in animal studies is acesulfame potassium.

The term “natural flavours” refers to a vast category of chemical substances. It was covered in our study of Orgain protein powder, but there is scientific proof that some flavourings can be hazardous to people.Additionally, vitamin D3 and vitamin A palmitate have been added to this protein drink. We believe it is illogical to consume foods and supplements with added vitamins and minerals without a known deficiency in those vitamins or minerals, as evidenced by a comprehensive meta-study published in 2017. Excessive vitamin intake is linked to health problems.

Because Fairlife protein drinks include so many dubious additives, we do not generally endorse them. Due to the efficient protein dosage, we do think that this product is likely to be useful for post-workout muscle synthesis and recuperation.Registered dietitian Nicole Hoskens has a popular YouTube channel named “Nicole Hoskens” that features reviews of Fairlife protein drinks (RD).

Review of Fairlife Elite Protein Shake

The recipe of Fairlife Elite and that of standard Fairlife protein shakes is extremely similar. The Elite version’s 42 g of protein content is the primary distinction.

We do not believe that this higher protein consumption will provide any additional benefits because there is no medical research to support the idea that consuming more protein than 25 or 30 g at a time can further maximise muscle synthesis.One advantage of this drink is that it seems to be at least partially sweetened with strawberry puree, which the USDA classifies as a wholesome whole food ingredient that is high in potassium.Sucralose, acesulfame potassium, natural flavours, vitamin A palmitate, and vitamin D3 are all present in Fairlife Elite, along with the other dubious additives that we highlighted in the Fairlife ingredient review.

Due to the additional chemicals, we do not recommend Fairlife Elite, but we do think the effective protein dosage will be beneficial for muscle growth and post-workout recovery.

Fairlife Elite and Muscle Milk Pro Series are contrasted in a well-liked YouTube video that compares them, however the video doesn’t appear to be sponsored by any company.

Pros of Fairlife protein shake

The 30 grammes of protein per serving in the original Fairlife Nutrition Plan shakes is the same as in Premier shakes. It has 10 fewer calories than the pre-made Premier protein shakes because it only has 150 calories per serving. It contains a number of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin D, calcium, and potassium, as well as nine essential amino acids.

These drinks are a great supplement for anyone looking to reduce weight while keeping a lean body because they are high in protein and have a low carbohydrate content. They have a smooth, creamy texture that is excellent since they are created with ultra-filtered milk.Fairlife shakes are also suitable for anyone who is lactose intolerant, unlike Premier protein shakes.

Cons of Fairlife protein shake

Although there are only seven flavours available, some customers claim that it doesn’t taste as well other shakes of a similar price. You might get more value out of your money with Premier shakes because they are also expensive. Additionally, there isn’t as much product variety as there is with Premier protein goods.

What Are Shakes With Protein?

Drinks made from protein powder, water, or another liquid, along with additional components, are called protein shakes. They can be a useful addition to your diet, particularly if you don’t have much access to meals with high-quality proteins. Protein shakes may be helpful if you need to up your consumption or are having trouble meeting your needs through food alone, even though the majority of people do not need them to meet their daily protein needs. Protein powder can be purchased and mixed yourself, or you can purchase ready-to-drink liquid shakes from a number of producers.

Following are some popular shake powders

Whey protein is made from dairy, is readily absorbed, and contains all the essential amino acids.

All essential amino acids are present in casein protein, which is a dairy protein that is slowly digested.

All nine essential amino acids are present in soy protein, which also includes soy isoflavones, which may have health benefits.

Hemp protein is made from plants, has all nine essential amino acids, is high in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and has a lot of arginine.

Rice protein is made from plants and has less lysine, an important amino acid.

Pea protein is a plant-based protein that contains all the essential amino acids and could be a less allergenic substitute for soy or wheat proteins.

Verified Customer Reviews for Fairlife Protein Shakes

Fairlife is sold on Amazon, which is, in our opinion, a better source for unbiased consumer reviews than a brand’s website. The chocolate protein drink from Fairlife has received over 10,000 reviews on Amazon, with an amazing 4.8-star average.

This product has a “A” rating on Fakespot, a programme that looks for possibly fake Amazon reviews. This implies that Fairlife’s reviews are all trustworthy.

The most laudatory testimonial from a confirmed buyer is provided by “Phyllcar,” a customer who enjoys the flavour of the shakes:

“When you’re pressed for time and don’t have time for breakfast, this shake is a fantastic way to receive a surge of energy. You can use it as a quick snack in between meals or as a filler until you have a better opportunity to consume a regular meal. best flavour when chilled”.

The most unfavourable comment from a confirmed customer comes from “Janelle,” a user who does not appreciate artificial sweeteners:

“Evidently, since I read the review of this product online, the formula has altered. I was astonished to find a drink that had sucralose, which is indigestible to me and tasted terrible, when I was seeking for a beverage without artificial sweeteners. Complete financial waste. For this product, Amazon needs to highlight the components list.”


A pleasant, light nutrition smoothie is Fairlife Nutrition Plan. It offers just two grammes of sugar, 150 calories, and 30 grammes of high-quality protein. Additionally, it encourages the consumption of fair-life ultra-filtered milk, making it a fantastic option for those who are controlling their weight. These fair-life shakes are a tasty way to stay active and healthy, and they make a great pick-me-up when you’re on the go.

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