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How Do Get Rid Of Phone Addiction

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Mobile devices like smartphones helped advance technology. The use of a phone is flexible and can be used for calling, messaging, entertainment, and even purchasing. I suppose I might say that we can complete all of our fundamental needs with a mobile device with a single click. According to studies, using our phones excessively may harm our mental health and impair our capacity to concentrate. Mobile devices thus have a harmful impact on our lives. The risk of abusing a phone has also increased due to its size and simplicity of usage. We shouldn’t allow our phones be our boss since technology is a fine servant but a poor master. Discuss some ways to stop phone addiction

Ā Self-determination

People often say that deeds speak louder than words. It would be best if you were self-determined to stop using phones inappropriately and becoming overly dependent on them. You should also stop phone addiction gradually. By cutting back on usage time, you can slowly overcome phone addiction. Although it will be challenging the first few days, you should actually do it rather than just saying it. You can start by putting your phone on racks or in phone-safe bags.

Think About Your Health

Numerous studies link heavy social media use to depression. Social media use among young people encourages unhealthy competition and loneliness as they compare themselves to their friends.It has been observed that anxiety and smartphone use are mutually exclusive. Anxiety will increase if a person uses the phone more frequently.

Ā Learn How To Be A Good Parent

These days, even young kids are addicted to their devices. Avoid teaching kids about social applications and cartoons. Children should only watch cartoons on television, you would advise. Most parents let their kids use their phones to access YouTube since it frees them up to do other things. Children who use their phones excessively may experience sleep disturbances. Make a plan for phone use with kids and encourage them to play outside so they may breathe fresh air and be in close proximity to nature.


Identifying whether you have a phone addiction or not is a crucial challenge. You may not always be aware of your phone addiction. However, people who use their phones for longer than six hours are considered phone addicts. By calculating the amount of time you spend on your phone’s screen, you can rapidly evaluate this task. Find out why, when, and how you are using mobile phones excessively if you are aware that you have a phone addiction. You might have a tonne of solutions, but you should prioritise the most important tasks before using your phone to complete them.

Ā Improved slumber and improved walking

Your sleep may be impacted by excessive phone use. Mobile device blue light emissions can lower melatonin secretion, which may interfere with your sleep. Your mental health may be impacted by it. To get a good night’s sleep, try to keep your phone away from your bed. Alarms are a common way that people find a reason to use their phones after hours. You can get an alarm clock on its own to avoid this ridiculous justification. It will be more advantageous.

Disable Notifications

You should disable the notifications on your favourite apps. Your attention is drawn away by the beeping of notifications, and you are compelled to check your phone unconsciously.The good news is that you may disable the notifications for your necessary apps because they could interfere with your job or schoolwork. You become more dependent on your phone due to the notifications. Through the notification settings on your phone, you may even disable a specific app’s notifications. Your phone use will go down after disabling notifications. You should try it out if you can.


Start using these advice to prevent phone addiction immediately because it is preferable to act after the fact than to wait until it is too late.To control desires, try mindfulness. Practice implementing coping mechanisms such as physical activity, deep breathing, and progressive muscle relaxation.

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